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Surprise player/who improved the most on offense this season?


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We're heading into what would normally be the last week of the season, and by now, there would typically be at least one player (Mac Jones aside) who would have quietly been a guy who surprised us after stepping up this season and having a solid year.

Other than Damien Harris (who I thought ran the ball even better than he did last year) or Rhamondre Stevenson, I'm actually having a tough time thinking of one this year...which is a strange thing to say at this point of the season. Again, this would normally be the final weekend under the old format, so it's just a weird reality and I've been trying to come up with a few people (maybe also Bolden?) but it's been tougher than I thought.

Anyone else have any thoughts?
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Not sure surprising, but JC Jackson has become a # 1 CB this year. Still rooms for improvement


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Nick Folk was good last year, even better this year. He's having a career year and was robbed of a Pro Bowl spot.

And like others have said. I really like Bourne if we can get him the ball, and Bolden has had some moments this year that have helped us immensely with the loss of Sweet Feet.


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Bolden came to mind immediately. Particularly good in the passing game.
Bourne has emerged as a focal piece despite being paid a fraction compared to the other big FA signings

(Bolden has come back to earth of late)


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Maybe Bolden?
How many other role players in the history of the franchise have had career years in their ninth season? Granted it has been by necessity with the absence of James White and certainly he hasn't produced the way White would have but that doesn't make what he has done less impressive.
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Also would say JC (but still upset at his tackle attempt on the 4th and 1 in last week's game) and Dugger (ditto about his crappy tackle attempt in last week's game). Adrian Phillips has also had a good season. Hoping he's back next season.


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On offense Bolden actually surprised with his contribution and i like what Bourne brings to this team.
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Harris (crazy good) and Karras are good ones. I had high hopes for Meyers, but seems like he took a small step backwards


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Easily, N’Keal Harry!

His 12 receptions for no touchdowns is almost impossible to do while starting all 15 games. I doubt any other WR in the NFL can have that little production with that much playing time.

He is truly something special!

Nicely done.
NKeal playing 95% of snaps is like playing basketball 4 on 5, or boxing with 1 hand tied behind your back.


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Nice next-steps or even taking the leap players:
JC Jackson, Philips, Dugger, Bourne, Harris, Karras

Continue to suck but have 9-lives by the oc or front office to try to not look bad:
NKeal Harry, Godchaux, Bentley, Wynn


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Isaiah Wynn missing only one game? Much Improved. (Im not talking about his game play so if you dont like him, i dont wanna hear about it... just his durability)

Brandon Bolden, hands down is the choice for me. I literally expected nothing from him. And wondered, at times, how he was actually going to make the roster (before Sony was shipped out of town) and if did make the roster, if his role was just going to be on special teams. He has been a surprising delight to watch play this season.

As for the new comers, its Bourne all the way. I think HH deserves an honorable mention, but man, it comes in fits and starts with the guy. Has all the talent. Just needs to take it to the next level. So KB it is.


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based on performance and salary I would say :
Bourne and Henry performed well but Bourne needs to get more targets and snaps
Smith and Agholor are underachieving the expectations

Also I expected Onwenu to make a second year jump which did not happen
The same counts for Asiasi as well, barely saw the guy

Surprising performances were Stevenson Karras and bolden

Jones played better than I thought as well


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Karras, Bolden, and Bourne would be my top 3. Karras has played much better at guard than he did filling in at center previously (not that he was terrible just better at guard) and he has performed well enough to push Onwenu into the swing tackle role. Bolden who has been a whipping boy around here (I had always been anti-Bolden for offensive snaps as well) but he has really played well in the James White role and made some plays. Bourne has been a little inconsistent but he has been pretty good overall and has outproduced Agholor.

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