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Surprise player/who improved the most on offense this season?

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I don't think he played LG last year, at least much...we had Thuney, and he played 90+% of the season I'm guessing without looking at the stats....
Pretty sure they tried him there this year, and it didn't look like it went well, he did pretty well last year at RT, so I'd love to see him there, and Trent at LT...but I'm just a guy watching the game, I'm no genius, I don't know what the coaches see EVERYDAY.
All I KNOW, is I've screamed at Wynn through my TV more than I care he or BB can actually hear me...or care!
Think this stuff is EZ? I don't think so personally.

captain stone

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Capn, I understand your point I just dont remember Mike having a bad time at LG last year ? Maybe I should look back and check before talking !

I don’t think Onwenu played much LG last season except maybe when Thuney had to switch positions to cover for injuries, but it’s clear to me after watching him at LG this season that his best position is RT/RG.