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OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

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Sep 12th

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Hurley is kind of all over the place with his column. Very helter skelter. Occam's Razor - the most obvious/simplest reason is usually the right one. Brady was irate that teams passed him given his acumen/accomplishments/availability to play at a reasonable deal. One team in particular really irked him and he let it be known after he just won his 7th ring.

I agree that it is probably the Niners or the Titans. I can see him being pretty steamed at Mike for going with Tanny.


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Bucs Superbowl Episode

Looks like TB12 gave a speech of epic proportions similar to the one he gave the Patriots in the Seahawks Superbowl.

Today is their ring ceremony would be cool if Brady brings all the rings out
I wonder which fingers he will have all the rings on? I am going to say a 4/3 split between his hands. Of course he could put all of them on one hand and just double up his fingers. LOL

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Wilcox, a seventh-round choice out of BYU, has a hamstring injury, Greg Auman of reports. Wilcox will compete for the final cornerback job.

Franklin continues to work his way back from a torn ACL in his left knee. He underwent surgery Sept. 1 after injuring his knee during a 2020 preseason practice.

The Bucs also announced they have waived safety Curtis Riley, who injured his Achilles tendon during the team’s three-day minicamp last month.

Bucs place John Franklin, Chris Wilcox on PUP, waive Curtis Riley - ProFootballTalk


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Bill has worn his Giants rings to our ceremonies.
I would think the Bucs want him to wear them so they can continue to rub it in to the teams that passed on him.

Bill has a boat named 8 rings of course he breaks out the Giants rings whenever he can.


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I called it. He didn’t wear the Pats rings. Which makes sense in respect of his teammates but it’s definitely a small shot at the Pats be honest.


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The only other time I’ve seen it was in New England, 2001-19.

Dude. I’ll always treasure the Pats and Brady’s time on them and I wish he was still with us. But he was never treated like this by the Pats. Bill wouldn’t let it happen. And it was probably for the best for a long while especially in the first dynasty were it was definitely a team effort. But after 28-3 I think it should have changed and Brady got more credit but it didn’t happen.