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OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
I didn't really know where to put this, as it's apparently a double "No!" now, but...

“It’s kind of coming full circle,” Garoppolo said. “You go through this NFL career and you start as a young guy coming in. Tom kind of showed me the ropes. The competition between us was awesome. It really made me grow as a rookie and as a young player. So, that’s kind of what me and Trey, we’ll mold our relationship into that. But it will happen naturally. It’s one of those things you can’t force anything. Just let it come as it may.”

Jimmy Garoppolo: Tom Brady showed me the ropes, I’ll do same for Trey Lance


High Priest at Team Bill's Temple Supporter

Freakin hillarious how Brady always seems to get the breaks...but then again, the 2020 Bucs had a really tough schedule. I just think it's hillarious how the non-Pats AFC East is a dumpster fire from 2001-19 and then Brady leaves and the Bils and Dolphins emerge. Even if Brady had played in 2020, it would have been a tough battle to win that division.

Then in the NFC South, Drew Brees retires, Aaron Rodgers might be heading to the AFC, and suddenly the NFC is the QB poor conference where Brady's biggest thread might be Russell Wilson, a guy who might not even make a deep playoff run with that supporting cast. The NFC just a few years ago was so stacked all over at QB and now it's completely bombed out.