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OT: my brother is in the ICU (update 9/17, Setting Sail for Parts Unknown)

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@Simpelton I feel your pain.

When I was 23, I lost my 26 yo brother in a head on collision in the Cape. Three (3) months later my 30 yo half brother was shot in a mugging overseas. Obviously having both your bros die so young, suddenly and so close together was shocking. It doesn't compare with having to see your brother slowly pass away though.

My sincerest condolences.


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I don't know how much stock you guys will put in this but I KNOW I just got a visit from my departed grandfather, Harvard D Salisbury. I'm not normally a superstitious person and I certainly don't talk about this side of myself very often for fear of ridicule, but let's just say I'd rather bite my own tongue out than try to deny he was in the room at the time. He was there.

He told me he was gonna take my brother camping because he didn't get a chance to get to know him in life, and there was no time like the present, and it was so in his character because that's how he did structured family time, is go take his family to his cabin in the woods and go fishing with them and teach them the herblore he learned from his own grandmother. Some habits die hard I guess.

Nice to know that death isn't a complete barrier I guess. I've had more "visits" in the past 3 weeks than in the previous 10 years including at least 1 other incident with those grandparents. I guess they can't wait to get to spend time with him. That or I'm in a better place to hear them than normal. Or both. Hell I have no idea. This isn't a thing that normally happens to me, I just knew it *can*

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Sorry for your loss, glad to hear he’s in good company with your grandfather on the other side.

best wishes to you and your family. He hung tough, you all do the same.

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Sorry to hear about your brother. It’s never easy no matter how old or young. Best wishes to you and your family in these tough times ahead. Hope the pain fades and is replaced with all the good times and fond memories shared with Harvard.

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So sorry Simpleton. May he rest in peace, and peace to you and your family.


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Haven't posted here before because I lost my brother years ago to cancer and it was still too raw.

But I'm truly sorry for your loss.