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OT- Chiefs fans are bandwagoners

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Oct 9th
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Its true too. If you ask them they will tell that theyre the best fans in the NFL.

The whole city vanishes when the losing starts. Spoke with a guy Monday who told me that he just bought 2 KC Royals tickets from the stadium website for $8.00 each. Nosebleeds, but you can basically move down to primo 1st or 3rd baseline seats because nobody goes anymore. Parking is $20.00


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I haven't been the Chiefsplanet in months and i'm a better person for it.

So nobody has threatened to anally violate you with a fire extinguisher wrapped in barbed wire in months?

I think that was the last verbal assault I saw there.


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In fairness, most fans in most cities disappear when the team is a perennial non contender. If ownership doesn’t want to put in the work or pay the money to be a winner then why should the fans reward them.


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Big fans of @Kontradiction and @RobertWeathers in that thread. Lol
I’m not sure whether to be complimented or insulted…

"Comes with the territory if you're going to run out of the end zone and taunt the fans." (I see his point...I mean, what did Reek expect?)

"That "KC player" beat his pregnant girlfriend in the past and then proceeded to taunt the fans in this game. What exactly did you expect to happen?" (Same dude as the comment above...KontradictioN. Dude seems like a prick, but I'd be lying if I didn't begrudgingly see his point most of the time.)