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Jets Suck -- 2018 Edition (Official): Fifty Fabulous Years of Futility!

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Sep 12th

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Yeah, the really in the air...


JetFan79 Supporter Supporter
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You'd think even a Jete fan would know better than to go there...

...of all places

You think a drunk guy hitting on a chick equates to:
  1. Tommy n Kraft making out
  2. Kissing your father/son on the lips
  3. Bill hooking up with his daughter
Ok then...

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
It takes a while to rewatch six Super Bowls with the family and reminisce about glorious times, capped off with SB53 and the kids trying to design what the magnificent rings might look like, and then having them draw pictures of the six banners hanging at Gillette.

How are those mock drafts looking this offseason?
Those mock drafts look like the jest won the spring super bowl just like they do every year.
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