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Sep 27th

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Patriot Missile

Pro Bowl Player
Sad to hear the news. One of the most positive posters on this board and one of the first to always send well wishes to others in times like these.

Will be looking forward to your return to this board soon. Well wishes to you and your family Gwedd.

Joker Supporter Supporter
If I can help have someone PM're not alone in this, brother. Speedy recovery old friend.

goheels22002 Supporter Supporter
Hey @Gwedd keep working on re-wiring the mainframe. We're rooting for you and need you around here to help sort out the Stidham-Cam-Hoyer circus. Keep Ian informed of any updates to pass along. All the best.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
@Gwedd , Thoughts, healing energies and my very best wishes to you. Looking forward to seeing your posts in the not to distant future my friend.

PatsDeb Supporter Supporter
Sorry to hear about your health struggles. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Brewskies Supporter Supporter
Many kind words and thoughts have been expressed for your speedy recovery.

You will be in my thought daily as I hope for an improvement in your life.

Chevy Supporter Supporter
@Gwedd ... Remember this - even if progress is slow, and recovery is getting you down, you'll still be overqualified for an analyst job with ESPN.