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Sep 27th

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Probably the nicest guy on the forum Supporter
I got this note a little while ago about @Gwedd , one of our long-time members here:

"Tim Kindred asked me to put this message here.

Tim came home from the hospital last month and is working through complications from the episode which included a stroke. He is experiencing expressive aphasia and can not form the words fluently enough to type or speak effectively.He is working on it and hopes to work through it. He just wanted everyone to know that he is still with us and is sorry he can not type his thoughts to you himself. So on his behalf, I will put it out for him."

Needless to say, please keep him in your thoughts :(
My wife’s a speech pathologist. I’ll ask her what a best case scenario is and get back to you. I’m guessing a full recovery (logically), but am interested in the different timelines she’s dealt with. Best wishes for Gwedd. He’s missed.


Paranoid Homer ex-moderator Supporter
One of our best members for many years. Mainers are tough, we have to be to put up with the weather and the tourist:) Gwedd will beat this thing and be back in pro-bowl form before the playoffs.


Staff member Supporter
Sad to hear the news about one of our brothers/sisters. My prayers and thoughts go out to Gwedd and his family!! Get well soon.