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Oct 25th

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Have to think at this point that Jimmy Garoppolo really is an injury prone player, whatever that actually means.
  • Injured shoulder in Game 2 of 2016 season after routine tackle.
  • Plays six games for 49ers in 2017.
  • Torn ACL in in Game 1 of 2018 season on another routine play.
  • Plays all games in 2019.
  • High ankle sprain in Game 2 of 2020 season on non-contact play.
1. Alonso putting his full body weight on Garoppolo is now outlawed
2. Well yeah, he was backing up Brady.
3. Freak accident, it happens. If Brady wasn't as slow as molasses maybe it would have happened to Brady.
4. It wasn't a non contact play, some Jete named Williams landed on his heel/ankle.

Is he injury prone? No. But maybe he needs to learn how to protect himself like Brady does.


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Raiders are going to be a bit more challenging next week than I thought. THey are really giving it to this Saints team. Lucky for us the Raiders are on a short week and have to travel to Foxboro...


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They played the Dolphins - not quite the SuperBowl contenders the Saints are.

And they ran a safe, ground & pound offense.

Hmmmm, Carr has been able to have much more success tonight against the vaunted Saints D than their game 1 opponent.

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Jacobs is averaging 2.7 ypc on 19 carries but would think he’s averaging 7.2 with the way Greise sensationalizes everything.

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raiders are just muscling the saints it looks like. Carr is playing decent too.


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Man is Kamara a weapon. Watched him plenty facing Tennessee as a Georgia fan. He looked good but didn’t jump out like he does now. Another one of those guys who’s been a better pro than college player. Wild to think he was originally at Alabama with Henry, Drake, and Yeldon.


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Luckily Carr isn’t much of a running threat so the defense can go back to doing what they do best and playing tight man coverage.

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Jackrabbit is a jacka$$...way to end your team's chance of coming back....moron...always has been


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Wow what a BS PI call. Yeah he had his arm, but the receiver pushed off before he did. Should have been nothing.