NFL Week 2 games discussion

2020 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 35.1% at BUF: 64.9%
Nov 1st

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You are a troll. You proved it with the thread you started regarding the Patriots Offense last week against Miami. You're the guy making excuses about why your team barely was able to beat the team the Patriots beat by 10 points. Hell, you were boasting and asking Pats fans what their reactions were going to be to Buffalo putting a 40 spot on the Phins.. When confronted in that thread with questions, you couldn't be bothered to answer them. Not to mention the fact you initially portrayed yourself as a Pats fan. Something that everyone knew immediately was complete garbage.

So, No. Norman isn't your starter yet. No. you don't have excuses as to why your team barely beat the Dolphins. No. You don't have the ability to handle the truth so please stop saying that it's others who have the issue.

I do think that Norman was suppose to start. That said, I don't think the Bills have proven anything playing the jets and the dolphins except that typically the division games are tough, seeing they play each other twice a season. As much as the Pats didn't demonstrate much with the win over Miami neither did the bills. The Jete was like New England playing buffalo for 20yrs or whatever its been lol.

I don't endorse coming to an opponents board and talking trash, it's counter productive. Living in New England as a bills fan and unwilling to stuff goodHELLS and his owners circus group more money by paying to watch buffalo games, i watch more new england and giants games than bills games lololol. bellicheck is the greatest coach of all time, it's like watching history in the making and it just so happens to be we have to play against him twice a year

bills and pats are similar teams now with the QB position, Cam is like the veteran josh allen i think. mcd should know cam well after coaching him so that's a new twist on bills/pats.

anyways, tough loss sunday, it'd be more interesting if the bills and pats had the same record going into the first game.


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The raiders game next week is bigger than I thought itd be. Lose that one and we are staring 1-3 in the face, plus Oakland would have a tiebreaker on us. It is early but i feel they and sd will be in the playoff hunt over Houston this year. We need that game. Jacobs and waller look like a handful.

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Like I’ve been saying for years, it’s all he cares about. He won’t know what to do with himself when Brady passes his regular season records next year

Edit: the longer you look at that picture the more cringe and embarrassing it is LOL

It would have been absolutely ****ing hilarious if Brady had signed with the Saints and then broken Brees passing records wearing black and gold. I’m sure that crossed Brees mind when he decided to bring his dead arm back for another year just to c0ck block TB12.