NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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I have been to the old RFK for a Redskins / Cowboys game, and I went to a Redskins / Eagles game at Veterans stadium. I live in Virginia and all of my buddies are Skins fans so I went as a tag along. IN full PATS Gear mind you. That was quite am experience unto itself. Both stadiums were horrible. Smelly, beat up, uncomfortable and full of very misguided fans that seemed to be rooting for the wrong team. :)


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Pats - Gillette, Foxboro, Sullivan, Schaffer Stadium - Love Lot 11
Buffalo - Ralph Wilson (Start tailgating on Friday. The really do that and stay hours after the game) Fans are pretty on edge. Alot like being at the old Foxboro stadium with an opposing jersey on.
Carolina - BOA Stadium. Nothing special. Pretty Easy to scalp tix. Fans are pretty decent people. One of the fans actually bought my buddy a Steve Smith jersey in the stands because he wasn't wearing a jersey. So there I was, the only one for 3 sections wearing a Patriots Jersey.

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Gillette: For last Sunday's Pats-Bears game :D

Ford Field: I work for the NFL here in the visiting clubhouse/sideline for some games. I hate the Lions. Being in the winning lockerroom=priceless.

Heinz Field: 2005 AFC Championship game. Best time ever. Getting to go down on the field for the celebration=priceless.

Soldier Field: Back when Dave Terrell was on the Bears, I went to a couple of his games. Rams-Bears; Saints-Bears

Dolphins Stadium: Well, sort of. We played the 2000 Orange Bowl there. Brady: 4 TD passes in OT win over Alabama.

Carolina, San Diego, Seattle, Indianapolis and St. Louis for things other than football.

College Stadiums:

Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Purdue, Wisconsin, Penn State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, UCLA, USC, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Miami, Nebraska, North Carolina, and various others I forget.


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i was at the metrodome in minneapolis, nov 1997 when the viks beat the pats. only nfl game i have ever been at. i was at dolphins stadium in 1999 but that was for a baseball game


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Foxboro - I actually miss the old place.

Candlestick - I went to the 1997 NFC Championship game. It was SF vs GB with GB winning. I was out there for a meeting and scalped a ticket. It poured that day. I thought the stadium was great since I had only been to the old Foxboro at that point. Looking back, it was a dump.

Silverdome - Thanksgiving 2000. A third string back up named Tom Brady took the field for mop up duty. Little did I know I was seeing the first action of a future HOF.

Gillette - best stadium I went to.

Alltel - Super Bowl 39. The game was great. The stadiium was OK.

College - Ohio Stadium


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Foxboro, but never the Razor.

Sun Devil Stadium. Talk about a pit.

Arizona Cardinals Stadium. Great new stadium. Easy in, out, wide concourses, good food, good sightlines.

RFK. Comfort was a D-. But for an all around football experience back when the Redskins were good? A plus.

Redskins Fed Ex Field. Good stadium. Nothing spectacular. Weird location.

Ravens M&T Stadium. It was several years ago, after it first opened, and I can't really remember a thing about it. So, who knows.

Baltimore Colts Memorial Stadium. Have seen many Orioles games there before Camden Yards, but never any football. Horrible stadium in a horrible place.

Giants Stadium. Never saw a football game, but have seen Bruce Springsteen there a few times. Does that count?


Georgia Dome: Small but nice
Meadowlands: Season Ticket Holder for the Jets
Sun Devil: POS for NFL but really a college stadium
The Old Foxhole: Horrid Stadium

Shea: Old home for the Jets
M&T Stadium in Baltimore: Very Nice Stadium
Qwest Field: The best in the NFL IMPO
I live in Vancouver, canada and I've been to QWEST feild in Seattle to watch the hawks...what a stadium....but nothing comes close to the pleasure of pilgrimaging to Foxborough for the the season opener this year at gillette, there is no better place i have been for a sporting event in my life....

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besides foxboro and gillette - Old Fulton County Satdium in Atl, Candlestick Park (saw the last game Montana ever started for 49ers). Paul Brown in Cincy (this year).


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For games:

For an off-season field day:
Soldier Field-2 years ago when they were refurbishing it. Outstanding playing surface, wide concours areas with lots of concessions, very comfortable luxury boxes, real neat soldiers & sailors memorial in the southern concours area (as it is so-named). Looks like a UFO landed on top of the old Soldier Field (the new addition isn't to my taste). Nothing to do with football, but it's located in a park area right next to the lake, beautiful grounds & landscaping, and they retained the old architecture. Nicknamed the Stadium in a Park.

It's on my "must see a game in" list.
Gillette - Pats vs Jaguars 2004 (pre-season)
Giants Stadium (back in the mid '80's)
Mile High Stadium (Colorado Rockies inaugural season 1993)
Atlanta Falcons' stadium back in 1977 (can't remember who they played)


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The old Foxboro: So long as my ass didn't stick to the bleachers in the cold, it was fine. Nothing spectacular.

Bank of America Stadium (Carolina): Decent stadium, but too "bowl" shaped. Nosebleeds have absolute terrible views.

Georgia Dome (ATL): I really hate domes. And it's got a terrible atmosphere.


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Foxboro Stadium
Gillette Stadium
Lincoln Financial (Philly)
Dolphin Stadium
Invesco Field (Denver)
Reliant Stadium (Houston)
LP Field (Tennessee)
FedEx Field (Washington)
Sun Devil Stadium
Lambeau Field


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I had my first NFL live experience here in Atlanta when the Pats played Atlanta in the Preseason... Nice stadium, the fans are respectful, considering I was surrounded by Atlanta fans wearing Brady's jersey. I didn't like all the TV timeouts though, so I don't think I'll ever go to another game. It really slowed the game down... It was a neat experience though... Watching it on TV though is so much better to ME anyways...


Candlestick - I don't care who owns it, it is Candlestick! Weather tends to be bad and it is not in a great part of SF.

Black Hole - better for watching baseball games than football, but I had pretty good seats when I saw the Raiders play and the tickets were free. Fans are pretty wild

Gillette - I made the pilgrimage this year for the opening game. By far the nicest stadium...but it looks like a razor company built it and my bag was too big so they made me check it in the parking lot. It wasn't that big and it was pretty flat, so it wouldn't have bothered others...don't get that one

Qualcomm - I was there for the Holiday bowl in '98 last and I don't remember much about it. I like that a trolley stops there, very convenient (like how BART stops at the Oakland coliseum)
I have been to seven stadiums.

Foxboro - bleachers, cold as hell with a wind gust, worst possible concessions and rest rooms. Mostly crappy memories with the exception of the late 90's and 01.

Mile high - the coolest bleacher stadium I have been to. Mostly due to excellent fans and atmosphere. Awesome tailgating.

Sun devil stadium- aptly named with devil because it is hell to see a day game there.

Qualcom- left a pretty amazing impression for such an old stadium. Great concessions and amenities even on the upper tier.

Pro player- So so

Arizona Cardinals new stadium- Awesome

Gillette stadium- The absolute worst home team stadium ever built. The ameneties are good but the "club" seats ruin any home field atmosphere on cold days as the best 6500 seats in the stadium are empty. What makes it worse is the seats are red and stand out when empty making it embaressing to be a Patriot fan at times. If you are a club seat member, get your ASS in the friggin seat.


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Giants Stadium - Obviously
Gillette Stadium - First times ever were last season, both games
Cleveland Browns Stadium - First time was last year in the Chris Baker no catch / was a catch, game.

Only three for me so far and I won't be adding any new ones to the list in '07. Hope to go up to Buffalo for stadium #4 in '08.


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Gillette, Ericksson Field (Now Bank of America Field), Qualcomm. Going to Cowboys Stadium this year for the Pats. And will be going to the new Stadium when it opens.