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NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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Been to Texas Stadium (old), dallas cowboy stadium (huge and unreal), Heinz field, Browns Stadium (new), Ralph Wilson, Ford Field, Philadelphia, Orange Bowl.

We do a guys trip every year, my favourite so far has been new Cowboys stadium.

Been to a few....

Shaefer Stadium and of course Gillette.

Not sure of the official name but Baltimore Ravens Stadium
The old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco (49ers) - 1970
The old Alameda Stadium (Raiders) - 1970
Dolphins 2011

I've been around longer than most of the stadiums.


Foxboro and Gillette are the only two I have been to but, they were for concerts and have been unable to see a game anywhere,

The Place other than Gillette I would love to go is Houston stadium (reliant I think or whatever its called)
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Live in England (Portsmouth)
Not a season ticket holder (the commute would be a *****)
It is on my bucket list to though!
And been a fan since 2001.

I am actually coming over in sept to visit Canton Hall of Fame and see some games hopefully in Philly, Baltimore, Washington, NY and of course my beloved Pats!!
any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated!


Only place i've seen a NFL game is at Wembley in London - which was a great experience. Hoping to take a trip states side to see a game one day soon!

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I've been to:

Old Foxboro - benches were crappy and cold (and a problem for a woman smushed between a bunch of guys bundled up for the winter), but being close the to field was great.

Gillette - seats are more comfortable, but fans are too far away from the field, affecting crowd noise and ability to see the game; also even though it looks good on tv, it's not really that nice a stadium; still a dim concrete block without enough bathrooms underneath.

Superdome, NO - old stadium that was falling down in 2001, but site lines were still good even from up in the rafters (we sat 3 rows from the top on the goal line where Ty Law ran it in for the TD).

Reliant Stadium, Houston - the best NFL stadium I have been to; bright, plenty of bathrooms and concessions; even sold wine and mixed drinks (these things are important to us girls). Got stuffy when they closed the roof because of the threat of rain.

Giants Stadium/Meadowlands - another old stadium, but they have seats and crowd is close to the field. They let the kids come right up to the field/players before the game.

RCA Dome/Colts Stadium - old with metal benches in the upper deck where I sat. Got incredibly loud. The thing I liked about it was its location. Picture putting Gillette in the middle of Fanueil Hall - lots of bars and restaurants; no need to tailgate outside (unless you wanted to).

Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo - again an old stadium (metal benches w/ backs were I sat); most like the old Foxboro Stadium; liked the "feel" of the game here.

My overall impression of these stadiums is, although the newer ones offer you a more comfortable seat, you give up being close to the action. There is nothing like a good football game in an old stadium where the crowd is sitting (or screaming) close. Too bad they couldn't just add a row of corporate boxes to the top of the old places so they could get their revenues and we fans could get our football experiences!

Edit - Went to Alltel too; not equipped to handle a full capacity crowd; bathrooms didn't work on one side of stadium and concessions ran out of food

I've now been to the new Jets/Giants stadium in NJ - big concrete block like Gillette, but enclosed and enough bathrooms. Concessions average. Nice because it's new. I've been to Dolphins stadium too, or whatever it's called. Nice place with outdoor concessions, but man did you get boiling hot sitting there in the sun. Not enough shade.

And University of Phoenix stadium (twice - must have blocked out the stadium the first time I posted this!). The second time I liked it better because the roof was open and the stadium did not feel so dark (the outcome of the game probably had a lot to do with it too ;))


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Both Patriots stadiums in Foxborough and most of the old Boston Patriots venues. Went to the first Denver Broncos stadium but I saw a minor league baseball game there. Went to the Houston dome but didn't see a game there either. Bucket list, Green Bay.
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Used to live in Boston, so have been to Foxboro and Gillette (even when it was briefly CMGI Field)
Also been to Three Rivers Stadium (as was - the game when a huge chuck of concrete fell down from the stands. No wonder it got demolished) and Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Oh, and Wembley (of course!)


First games I went to were in Foxbor0, usually rain/mud, hard-cold seats and a loss. Probably sat close to Kraft a few times and had the same ideas about having the cash to buy. He did, I didn't (like many of you). Just to have been there is enough for me.
Outside of Foxboro, been to stadiums in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland & San Francisco.
1986, Div. PO Pats v Raiders (comp, 2nd row, 50 yd. seat) Loved every second of that one and had a pass to hang in the tunnel.
Thanks to my connects, was at '83 AFCC and enjoyed the 'hawks defeat (forever a Plunkett fan).


Shea Stadium- saw my first game there as a kid in the last year the Jets played at Shea

Old Meadowlands(I won’t call it by its proper name)


Pro Player Stadium

Ralph Wilson Stadium-

FedEx Field


Foxboro Stadium

Gilette Stadium


Veterans Stadium

Heinz Field

Raymond James Stadium