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NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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I have been to Gillette Stadium and the old Sullivan (aka Schaefer) Stadium.

I also went to a road game in New Orleans at the Superdome, not this year though (pre 9/11).


Been to Gillette once in 2006 to watch the playoff win over the jags. Was awesome as was the first time I got to see my beloved Pats live, it helped that there was snow around and it was cold.

Followed it up by going to Mile high to watch the Denver playoff game, great stadium but disappointing result.

Finally went to Wembley stadium in October to watch us beat the Bucs, I know it's not a true NFL stadium but it was a great occasion.
Also saw the Giants beat the Phins at Wembley in 2007.


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Reliant (2010, Yes the F-ing Welker game) - easy to find seat and move around
Cowboy Stadium (new one) - didn't see a Pat game so I didn't care
Qualcom - Pats 2009 we got destroyed. easy to get to and around the stadium walking down the ramps sucked.

Planning to make the trip back to San Diego & to Gillette this year for Colts.
First football game with my granddad was at the old 3 Rivers Stadium and the hotdogs were delicious!

Several games at the old RFK stadium where the Redskins won twice and lost once but boy did it get cold when the wind was up!

I saw the Pat's at ASU Sun Devil stadium and roasted in the sun but had a great time!

Two games at the new University of Phoenix Stadium and what a great improvement!!!!
I was also at a game at Fenway Park years ago. What a psycho place for a football game with all its weird angles and dimensions! I could swear a punt almost caromed off the Green Monster. ROFL

Also, Candlestick Park and Stanford Stadium (49ers).

Sadly I've only been to ones that no longer exist: Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and Sullivan.

The best thing about all of them, frankly, is that they've been replaced.

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Been to Gillette many times.
Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphin/Sun Life Stadium or whatever you wanna call it, been there nearly as much as Gillette.
Ralph Wilson Stadium
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I've only been to the old and new stadiums (stadia?) in Foxborough. The last time at the old one was Brady's first full game as quarterback against the Colts and he tore it up.

The first time in the new one was the 2004 season opener against the Colts. I can safely say I've seen Peyton Manning cry in person more than any other quarterback in the NFL.
Gillette Stadium-- loved it since I live in Pittsburgh.

Heinz Field-- not as good as Gillette.

Ralph Wilson Stadium-- felt like old Foxboro Stadium; not bad.

Lincoln Financial-- reminds me of Investco Field.
Giants Stadium (Giants & Jets)
Veterans Stadium (Eagles)
Oakland Coliseum (Raiders)
Foxboro Stadium (Patriots)
M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens)
FedEx Field (Redskins)
Gillette Stadium (Patriots)
Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles)
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Sun Devils Stadium vs Cardinals
Detroit Ford Field this year
Miami last year
Old Giants Stadium
Huskie Stadium in Seattle
San Fran
San Diego
Texas Stadium in Dallas
The Linc in Lhilly
LA Coliseum
Old Rams at Angels Stadium
Old Kingdome
Gillette - I can do without all the Patriot Place stuff and we all know the traffic sucks, but you'll at least see a good game.
HHH Metrodome - Indeed, it's as big a dump as it appears on TV. I hope they blow it up.
Lambeau - If you can get past the loud, obnoxious Packer fans, the stadium reeks history.
Soldier Field - Went to one of those "wind whipping off the Lake" games, but like Lambeau, the classic historic stadium.
Ford Field - Detroit did give their football team a solid stadium. Hopefully their improved team can deliver some wins for the city.
Lucas Oil (IND) - It's a dome....doesn't really bring much in the way of personality.
U of Phoenix (AZ) - funky looking space-age type design, they roll the field out of the stadium on rollers....but has all the bells and whistles of the modern stadium.
Invesco (DEN) - Honestly, probably my favorite; smart fans too...didn't hurt that we had great seats.


Shea Stadium...Dump..Made Schaefer look good

Giants Stadium..The old one..Just a classic football stadium with great sight lines

Ralph Wilson..Was there for the Milloy wipe out game, ( 31-0 )..Classic venue..Fans gave it to me good

Big A in Anaheim when the Rams played there....Eason won game with last second bomb to Fryar..awesome

Seattle Seahawks stadium ( Corporate name escapes me )..Incredible energy, loudest venue I've heard...Matt Cassell and the Pat's won a tight one

Sun Devil Stadium...Strictly college venue...Team was bad, fans were worse...Bledsoe and Pat's won easy one

Cowboys Stadium...Saw Pat's lose Thanksgiving day squeaker in Craig James era...Stadium was dry at the time..nuff said
Have had season tickets to the new Cardinals stadium and it's a pretty good venue. Dropped the tickets as I couldn't take not watching Pats live.

Hope we're in for another great season...Excited about the moves so far.


I have only seen the patriots play in Sullivan Stadium and Gillette. I have been to Baltimore and check out the the Ravens facililty but there was no game. Baltimore is ok in that area. Other than than that driven by the meadowlands, phili which is smack in the middle of the hi way. I also drove by the Dolphins as well. I plan to retire with my wife and take the Harley to all the NFL and MLB stadiums we can !