NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

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Old Foxboro
Old Busch Stadium (St Louis Cardinals w/ Jim Hart 1970s)
LA Colliseum
Fed Ex -- A big barn, excellent traffic control , In and Out
Baltimore- New Excellent venue.


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In about an hour the family and i are leaving for our first ever in-person viewing of our Patriots
at The Razor (or anywhere else!)

Only other (3) NFL games i've witnessed were at Yankee Stadium.
Charley Connerly.
Frank Gifford.
Sam Huff.
Andy Robustelli.
Rosey Grier.


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psychoPat said:
In about an hour the family and i are leaving for our first ever in-person viewing of our Patriots
at The Razor (or anywhere else!)

Only other (3) NFL games i've witnessed were at Yankee Stadium.
Charley Connerly.
Frank Gifford.
Sam Huff.
Andy Robustelli.
Rosey Grier.
I saw those guys play on TV, and some other Giants from that era:

Jim Katcavage
Roosevelt Brown
Y.A. Tittle
Emlen Tunnell
Kyle Rote
Dick Modzelewski

The Giants were the second team to be televised into N.E., because of their proximity to N.E., before the Pats were born. Browns were first because they were perennial champions in the 40s and early 50s. Those were the black and white, often snowy TV days, which I'd bet most of our posters never had to watch.


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-the King Dome (like a giant cave)

-Seahawks new stadium (great stadium)

-Oakland Collesium (fun place unless you are a liver. Those Oakland fans can DRINK)

-RCA (not bad but not good)

A couple college stadiums that were previously used for NFL games: Husky Stadium and Sun Devil Stadium

I know I am forgetting a couple...

Oh yeah, the Titans place in Nashville. Nice stadium. Great crowd. In the south, the people aren't total drunken jerks. They are still drunk, but they are nice. It's un-American.

Jacky Roberts

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New England
NY Jets/Giants
New Orleans
Cincinnati (Riverfront)
Seattle (Kingdome)
Houston (Astrodome)

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I'll probably forget something but... here goes...

Foxboro: Yes it was a dump but I have many fond memories of totally fun times there standing on the bench in front of me banging my feet with my seatmates...

Gillette: yes comfortable and state of the art but definitely not loud enough for my taste...

Don't know the names so I'll say the teams:

Chargers: nothing to write home about... dark in the concourses... reminds me of Fenway under there.

Miami: Go every year.. but have great seats in the endzone so I like it! Also... the weather is right up my alley :)

Houston: (reg season and SB38) Beautiful and loving the retractable roof depending on the weather.

Minnesota: LOUD! and the stands literally bounce like on springs when the fans jump up and down after a TD while their song plays.

Kansas City: LOUD!! outside but the solid oval keeps in the sound, not to mention the GREAT fans who are Soooo into it. The live band playing the chiefs warcry helps to keep them up.

ATlanta: One of my favorites!!! Yes, another dome so it's LOUD too but they have a live band totally keeping the crowd up at ALL times... Also the cheerleaders do too and they really work the crowd throughout the game...

Tennessee: Some of the nicest fans in the NFL... also loud even though it's outside.

Arizona: Dump! but no matter since they've got a new one now anyway.

St. Louis: Funny to see people coming to a football game on a Sunday straight from church dressed in their Sunday best..hehe

Heading back for a repeat of Miami and Tennessee this year...

waspie (UK)

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Sun Devil Stadium - awful stadium, but good atmosphere, great tailgating, and a really nice town. Tempe was taken over by Pats fans all weekend long. My first game in the flesh, so will always have good memories.
Bank of America Stadium - excellent location, the best atmosphere of the stadia I've been to. They get a lot of things right here (Carolina climate helps too).
Gillette - expensive, state-of-the art library, and the traffic back to Boston doesn't help. Enough said.


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Other than Gillette and the old Foxboro Stadium...(from best to worst)

Reliant Stadium (Houston) - LOVED this stadium. Great views from the seats. Escalators to the upper levels (what a concept). I wish they could move this stadium to Foxboro.

Heinz Field (Pittsburgh) - I liked the Hall of Heroes (or whatever they call it) where they have in the concourse a little museum of the Steelers past. Pretty cool.

Qwest Field (Seattle) - Not much of a tailgating scene in Seattle. Going to a Seahawks game is more like going to a Red Sox game in Boston. People go to the nearby bars before and after the game. Pretty nice looking stadium with pretty large concourses. 70% of the seats are covered if it does rain. Stadium contains crowd noise pretty good for an open air stadium and they have plenty of enthusiastic fans to generate that noise.

Giants Stadium (NY) - Nothing fancy here but good tailgating crowd. Very easy access from the highway. Views weren't that bad for an old stadium.

Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville) - Biggest dump I've ever stepped foot it. Think of it as a slightly modernized Foxboro Stadium. Why they had a Super Bowl here, I have no idea.

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Only 2 places at which I've seen an NFL game: Schaefer/Sullivan/Foxborough Stadium, and the Houston Astrodome- September 1984. Opening Day, Oilers vs. Raiders. I was visiting an ex-Marine Corps bro, who was living in Houston at the time. The Oilers stunk then, so we were able to walk up to the box office that Sunday, buy tickets for the upper deck, then sit at the 50-yard line, halfway up. That also happened to be ground level, which I thought was pretty cool, esp. when one considers the climb to reach ground level at Foxborough Stadium, or ice/court level at the Old Garden. The air conditioning at the Astrodome was cool, too, compared to the 90+ degrees outside that day. Basically, it was like watching a game in a giant living room.

P.S.: My first football game of any kind was Boston Latin vs. Boston English at Harvard Stadium on Thanksgiving Day, 1970.


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Aside from the Pats' Stadiums, I've been to:

Both Dolphin's Stadium's on numerous occassions (yes, including the Orange Bowl for the AFC Championship game in '85).

Also went to the home stadiums of the:

Ravens in BMore
Redskins in MD
Chargers in San Diego
Texans in Houston
Bengals in Cinncy
Cardinals in Zona
Saints in Nawlins
Seahawks in Seattle
Lions in Detroit
Eagles in Philly

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Altell Some visit Meca. I went to the Super Bowl. Too bad it was in such a terrible city. The stadium was nice. They had big park areas where you could eat drink and listen to live music. The bathrooms were out of order and they ran out of food before the game. Totally unacceptable.

Georgia Dome Watched the Pats demolish the Falcons in 2001. 1st trip to a dome. There were about 12,000 Atlanta fans there with several hundred Pats fans who were louder. Terrible sports city.

Shaefer/Sullivan/Foxboro Loved that place. Loud & intimate. Always funny to see how all those large fans could fit on those benches. Bought our bench seats as a keepsake after the stadium was demolished. It wasn't the best by any stretch, but it was OUR stadium.

Gillette It is what it is.

The Vet Was a great place. Crazy, drunk fans. Passion. Loud. The 500 level were some of the best seats. Always a fun game when somebody vomits on you.

The Linc Better than Gillette, but you would expect that since Lurie had public money to work with. Don't like the big jumbotron in the endzone. Too low and distracts you from the action on the field. Great SRO areas to watch the game too. Finally watched the Pats win in Philly back in 2003.

The Meadowlands Alot better than you would think. Couldn't believe how much beer the fans would sneak in to the game back in the day.

Pro-Player Not as nice as I would expect. Escalators were a pain. Only stadium were the visiting fans outnumbered the home fans in certain sections. Eagles fans were louder than the Phins fans.

Invesco Field Wicked nice place. LOUD. They built the place with some "give" so it would rock like the old Mile High would. Fans don't tailgate like they do out east. They are also alot more polite than the fans out east.

Arrrowhead Awesome. Could smelll the BBQ while stuck in traffic 2-miles away. Fans were the nicest I've met. Watched the Pats win on MNF. Head to "The Town Topic" after the game for some great greasy diner food.

Lambeau amazing place. so much history. fans were great. tailgate, eat & drink anywhere you want. park for $5. a must for any football fan

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Alltel- I live in Jacksonville, been countless times (not the Super Bowl though) it's not that bad when it's not a big event, but the city can't quite handle one yet.

Georgia Dome- Probably the best indoor stadium in the league. Big, generates lots of noise, not a very good football town unfortunatly, and Braves fans :snob:, but that is a topic for the 'Sox fourm.

Raymond James- Awesome, that big pirate ship is really cool, not great city, kinda like Jacksonville, it's really industrial but in a coastal location so it's kinda weird.

It is what it is


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Washington - Several
Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay VS Carolina
Baltimore - Ravens VS Steelers
Jets/Giants - Giants VS Redskins
Steelers - Did'nt see a game, had a tour though.

Kind of off topic, but Canton Ohio - Football HOF... very nice. Lot's of Pat's exhibits. Went the weekend before this years inducties.

Hopefully I will be able to go to Gillette stadium. I'm a poor college student right now, so I have to wait till next year when they come to the Redskins (Which I don't know if that's true or not.)


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Gillette - Flew over for the Colts and the Jets game and for the first time in almost 4 years they lose 2 in a row :(


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Been to see the Pats play in San Diego at Qualcomm. Also got to see the Pats stomp the Panthers in January 2002 (make-up game from September 19th 2001) at Ericksson field. And, lastly, See the Pats at Gilette against the Ravens in 2004 and Denver this year.


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Harvard Stadium - 1970 - Pats - Colts
Old Foxborough - 1971 - Pats - Eagles
Old Mile High - Pats - Broncs 1979 ( the great blizzard blowout)
Hoosier/RCA dome - Pats Colts many times
Cinncinati - Pats - Bengals 2001
Champaign Ill - Pats - Bears 2003


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sun devil stadium (vs. Cards: horrible stadium!!)
silverdome (vs. Lions: Bledsoe throwing 100+ yards INT)
RCA dome (vs. Colts: goal line stand game)
buffalo (vs. Bills a few times)


PATS GAMES (Record):
Gillette Stadium (3-2) - love having a stadium away from the city, much like a college game; night games are great to watch
Giants Stadium (3-0) - Pats 2nd home, hard to dislike it :)
FedEx Field (0-1) - surprisingly poor venue for its age
Bank of America Stadium (1-1)- great night-game experience
Georgia Dome (1-0) - VERY loud, atmosphere like an NBA game
Heinz Field (1-1) - great football atmosphere, fans may be annoying
Cleveland Browns Stadium (1-0) - not too different from a lot of new stadiums
Lincoln Financial Field (1-0) - best stadium I've been to (fans, another story)
Dolphin Stadium (next month)
LP Field (next month)

M&T Bank Stadium- ok stadium, surrounding area VERY sketchy
ALLTEL Stadium -not a bad seat in the house
Qualcomm Stadium - went to Padres games ages ago, can't remember much
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Arrowhead in KC for three Pats games, Panthers, Raiders and Big 12.

Pluses - LOUD; fans are really into the game unless they're getting blown out.

Minuses - Have been cussed out, hit, accosted and seen our fans hit with full cups of beer with no action taken by any stewards.

I'd go back, but I sure won't take my young daughter until she's older.