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Kyle Dugger

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Sep 12th

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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
the Pats have 6 rookies contributing substantially at this time: Dugger, Uche, Onwenu, Herron, Jennings, Hall
I would add Keene. When Izzo went down Keene went in. BB could have brought in a vet TE, but is going with Keene. Uche's one job is pass rush so everyone notices him. Keene's initial one job is blocking, so no-one notices him (which is actually good if you don't notice him). Keene will broaden out as he learns the position to include pass catching, and then everyone will notice him and be surprised. Also tried to play though his knee issue - tough guy, competitor.

Now onto Asiasi. As you note it could get ugly. Hopefully he is not playing because he is injured (and I do not wish anyone to be injured).


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He's still pretty invisible during the games. The hype around him recently is bizarre.


In the Starting Line-Up
He's still pretty invisible during the games. The hype around him recently is bizarre.
He's far from invisible. Go watch the Ravens game - there's no way to miss him.

Playing the box, setting the edge from the S position, taking on blockers with physicality, hard hits on ball-carriers, high-level pursuit and angles, tackling. He looks like he belongs in every way - the fact he's playing so well, when contextualized with his background, is extremely impressive.

Once he physically fills out a bit more and the game slows down, watch out. As another poster said, this guy has no ceiling at the moment.


In the Starting Line-Up
2015: Why can't our 2nd round pick play?!
2016: Why can't our 2nd round pick play?!
2018: Why can't our 2nd round pick play?!
2019: Why can't our 2nd round pick play?!
2020: Why's everyone so excited about Kyle Duggar?


In the Starting Line-Up
Not worth the 37th overall pick in the draft...Sorry not sorry, but he just isn't.

Captain Stone, once again reinventing the putz game.

Dude, you were wrong, very wrong....AGAIN....and your dumbass nickname for him can’t save you. Own it and maybe you will gain a tiny amount of respect here....not a lot but when you are starting close to 0%, anything would be a step up.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
44 tackles in 10 games, for a rookie safety coming from Lenoir Rhyne with no preseason, is pretty much as good as you could hope for. His trajectory is definitely pointing upwards. I think Chung will be his back up next year.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
That would be great actually, if Chung is his backup. Good problem to have.
I like Dugger, sky is the limit for him. Just hope he stays healthy.

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Jeremy Chinn currently 2nd in DROY odds:

712 snaps
66 tackles
21 stops
104 passer rating against


328 snaps
32 tackles
16 stops
97.8 passer rating against

Factor in the 99% athleticism:

The sky is the limit. This is a D2 player switching positions (FS to SS) without an offseason making splash plays.