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captain stone

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You want Ford to return kicks and punts because of his one TOTAL return in his career for 6 yards?

As, yes, Belichick should have signed a better returner, not a high bar at all.
I don't necessarily want Ford to return KOs/Punts; but I do want to see why Bill decided to cough up a draft pick for him.


In the Starting Line-Up
In Gunner's defense, has he had a chance yet? Maybe that's why he's pushing too hard on every return chance.

I mean, Meyers was a BUST until...omfg!...they started throwing the ball to him! I kept hearing that Gunner was breaking ankles in the short camp, looking very Edelman like...so let's never give him a chance, okay?

Nah. Different. Meyers looked good the whole time even if McDaniels was clueless about snaps or targets to him. Gunner has played but you can tell the decision making is shaky and not explosive. Edelman was a 7th rounder QB who scored a TD in his first punt return. I think Gunner fumbled on his first one and since then hasn't done anything of note since.



Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Most preseasons I prefer to follow the folks who attend camp here and at a certain other board for my primary camp news and analysis, and come away with a healthy and reasonable idea on what to expect from the team in the coming season.

Obviously, I didn't have that luxury this year, enter Lazar stage left.

Lazar and perhaps alcohol had me believing that Gunner had somehow transformed from a marginally acceptable bottom of the roster guy to an uncoverable phenom that was a slightly bigger and quicker version of Edelman in his prime. Not only did he somehow leapfrog Meyers, but he was playing like the best receiver on the whole damn team.

TLDR: Hopefully camp will be open to the public next year.

Jackson 2

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PatsFans.com Supporter
Kick off returner is by far the most inconsequential position on any NFL team, but that's just my take. Given the possibilities for fumbles and penalties vs. the likelihood of a big return, I'd take the ball at the 25 just about every time. With that said, Gunner doesn't offer much upside.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
I don't necessarily want Ford to return KOs/Punts; but I do want to see why Bill decided to cough up a draft pick for him.
DO you know how ridiculous to whine because Bill gave up a 2022 7th rounder for a prospect at WR?

Ford is an emergency backup for now, and is an RFA next year. almost any prospect with some experience is worth a trade for a 2022 6th or 7th.