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Gronk says he is “all in” on the rest of the year

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It’s a nothing of a quote really, certainly not thread or pot-stirring worthy. So I predict 9 pages.

The OP should have mentioned how Belichick kept Brady from winning another ring by keeping Malcolm Butler from being any kind of in, all or otherwise, during the Super Bowl. That might have pushed that prediction to 109 pages.


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The guy has 2-3 more games in his career, most likely. If ever there were a time to be “all in” it’s now

After all these year I can't believe I doubted Hoodie when he tried to shop Gronk around at start of the year and only couldn't do a deal since Gronk threatened to retire if he did. Now I wish we got a #1 and #2 that was offered for him.

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My Christmas was a bit odd. I got three gifts that I did not ask for and had no need of, and another gift that I was given twice (and neither can be returned).

The food was mostly great, though, and the extended family got along better than it had in years.


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