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*yawn* I personally see the winner of NO/PHI going to the SB so this game feels so much like a throwaway kinda game to me. Then again, after the AFC games end I always wind up feeling bored with the NFC games....


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Rams are giving up over 5 YPC defensively and, offensively, Gurley is banged up and they haven’t been the same without Kupp. Cowboys get the W in what should be essentially a training camp/home environment game for them. Good job moving two teams to LA, NFL. The home team will be fighting crowd noise on offense.


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No Kupp. Partial Gurley. Still, I think LA wins if they get off to quick start and take it to Dallas. If the reverse happens, Dallas wins.


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If the Rams get up early and force the Cowboys out of their run heavy attack this will be a blowout. If on the other hand it remains close and the Cowboys have 30+ rush attempts I think they'll wear that defense down and win a close game.


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So who r u guys rooting for? I’m thinking rams cuz I’d rather play them than NO or PHI and feel like they’ll have the better chance of winning next week


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Rams actually wearing their good looking blue and yellow uniforms.

The white and blue is so boring to me