Changes Being Made With Concessions to Protect Fans

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Nov 1st

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Some of this was interesting:

They're apparently reducing the menu and increasing the number of people so that the staff-to-fan ratio will be higher than normal to keep the lines moving:

"Hard Rock Stadium won’t have food or beverage hawkers at Dolphins games in order to comply with social distancing rules. Centerplate is also limiting the amount of workers at food prep stations and streamlining menus to include fan-favorite items only so that fans won’t have to linger in lines.

Pangburn acknowledged that Centerplate would have less staff compared to a normal NFL Sunday, but noted that the staff-to-fan ratio would actually be higher than normal and the level of reduction would be nowhere near the limits on fan attendance. Workers will earn their normal hourly rate. The elimination of tailgating for safety reasons means that stadiums will open sooner than usual, allowing the possibility of more hours for staffers that do work."