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Antonio Brown accuses Bucs of wanting him to play on injured ankle (update: finally released)

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I had some rough after bar sex with Margot Robbie and then passed out. When I got up in the morning I told her to get the phuck out of my crib and "call your own cab"...she was upset but....fack that beatch..


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A woman I slept with called and volunteered to spend the night if I paid for the cab fair.
I declined.
My friends that were there at the time thought I was nuts.

Looking back I have no logical explanation, she wasn't hideous or anything.
Cab fare was cheaper than buying a dinner.

Funny thing is I told her my name was Troy (it's not).
She called me one time and told me she was engaged???
People be crazy.

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When I was in my prime and swinging for the fences every night, I led the dating league in 2 baggers...(always made sure I had two for the both of us... :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:)

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Way OT:

Once I came home late from 2 weeks in the oil field and found my front door had been kicked in by my baby mamma. She had taken all the booze in my house and emptied our daughter's piggy bank.

I wondered how long my door was swinging open and I was heating Alaska in the winter.

I got the door secured temporarily and the phone rang about midnight. It was my friend's younger sister. She was in town staying at a hotel. She conveniently mentioned her husband was back home and was I interested in swimming in the hotel pool (at midnight?).
I respectfully declined.

I was getting off a night shift and all I really wanted was to be left alone by these crazy women and get a good night's sleep.

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If Brown has broken bones and surgery, then he'll play for someone next year, AND win a lawsuit. I suspect that any lawsuit will be settled.
Some team will sign him.

If Brown does not have broken bones and surgery, he is likely done.

That he can jump up and down does NOT mean that he should take the risks of playing, rather than having surgery first.
I'll check, but along don't eat or drink after midnight, I doubt take off your clothes, throw them in the stands, hop up and down, skip half-naked out of a stadium while flapping your arms in front of 70,000 people is on the orthopedic pre-surgical instruction sheet for a damaged ankle.
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Not even close to being the same thing. Robbie was hired to act in a big blockbuster film. The others are women who can’t get modeling jobs, so they hire photographers and post photos of themselves online to try to get a following.

Kim Kardashian is a better example. Her entire family should be thanking her everyday for taking one for the team. And when her poor kinds find out how she got famous....


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If you follow him on any social media accounts ...the second he was cut he went on a mad advertising spree. Tagging different clothing designers and clothing lines + accessories, one would assume for a fee.

I wouldn't be shocked if there is a video that's being released and they drew up a contract where they are going to split the profits.

Even without the Bucs..Brown is still Boomin
AB sounds normal in the video.

I agree with him. Arians knew all about the ankle and AB had to play to make money. So, faking an injury makes no sense because Tampa held all the cards. Arians told AB to GTFO, so I dont blame AB for throwing his Bucs gear off. After watching the video in its entirety, I get the impression that AB doesnt put up with crap from anybody. Quite frankly, Arians always came off as a so-so OC doosh nozzle, but not a great HC.

I believe that AB will get another shot to play in the NFL after all the facts are on the table.


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I wonder when these NFL players will learn about Carnival in Brazil

Why pay? Why even put effort? If u have a nice bod, u just need to look at someone, 50% chance of getting laid in 30m


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How quickly it's forgotten:

Ha, never. But he absolutely doesnt count, Giselle knows too well to let this guy alone in a Carnival party


TBH i thought after this instance I would hear more about NFL players in Brazil during Carnival. But 100% Brady did the extreme-touristic style of carnival, which is another vibe entirely


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**** it, Ill share a Carnival tidbit., The perpetrator shall not referenced with his real name. Lets call this person.... May. Yes.

Peeing in Carnival is hard. If you are a good person (this will be funny later), at least. So peeing in streets, bushes, buses, beach, corners, etc is not okay. The water in the beach is fine, but we all know what you are doing there. Also, chemical bathrooms r all around town, but they wont ever be enough.

The setting:

The "Street Parties" (Blocos) happen literally everywhere, around residential zones. These stories happened around Ipanema and Leblon, the richest zones in Rio de Janeiro (and Brazil, still, maybe),with buildings sometime 20 floors high, sometimes full residential blocs. with gated fences, all those rich properties you can think of.

May here found a nice way to circumvent the peeing problem. Everytime he felt the beer, and cachaça, and honey with cachaça, and vodka was at bursting point, he would walk to one of these gates. Now, there is always a doorman there. He is fed up with life cause he is working in Carnival. So May would literally jingle jangle his key in front of interbox (No matter if there was cameras or not) and say "Im from ap 302, bloc 2" drunkly.

May tresspassed in well over 40 buildings in his life. Well over. May peed in the bathrooms, yes. Most of the times. But sometimes... well, its hard to find bathrooms in different building all the time. So May also peed on garages, playground, pools. Once, I heard and its an unfortunate testment of how low the debuchery gets in Carnival, May peed on the doorstep of one of the most expenive penthouses in Rio. Just absurd.

Also, May used these tresspassings to literally take advantage their facilites to his pleasure. May even literally started to traffic girls he found pretty, that were walking in the street, to inside these buildings. The method? "Come on up, theres is a party up here". There was never a party.

Some say that May is more than one person. Some say that May is just a legend, an urban myth. Maybe even just a liar.

But the stain of pee in that penthouse door. That might still be there
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Somehow I can understand AB and what he thinks.
1. He feels Brady has as much a control over the front office as anybody in the organization
2. If one is true, why can't Brady help him get his 2mil guarantee money? Why can't he be like Gronk and they stop with all this prove it type of contract
3. He feels he is the best WR they have because he gets open on every play and this is probably true. He does not feel like the #1 option in the offense and he kinda feels envious of Gronk and what he has. Brady is now learning how to handle the different personalities BB dealt with and kept this ship afloat for 20years.

Therein lies the rub and perhaps the Buccaneers' achilles heel. That is not Brady's responsibility, it's way too much to ask of him and besides that he's not all that great at it. Unfortunately neither is Arians, who always has run a very loose ship and is ill-equipped to crack down or at least manage those personalities strategically when things go sideways.
Nearly 45 Brady is in a position to gain insight into the difficult job that BB had holding the Dynasties together. Tom's substantial contribution by keeping his salary below par for superstar QBs helped tremendously but managing destructive personalities and finally purging the 53 of toxic personalities is a key component of team building.


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No one on that podcast is brave enough to tell AB that the reason he is on a prove it deal compared to Gronk has nothing to do with ability or talent but because of his track record of being a problem wherever he goes as he is literally proving that point right in front of them,

Yeah, AB has been kicked off 4 teams and is in legal trouble constantly.

All Gronk does is go out and play and make bad USAA commercials