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Antonio Brown accuses Bucs of wanting him to play on injured ankle (update: finally released)

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


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I always thought that was a Vasco jersey on MAC in your I know it is.

Ola - sou Portugues.
EEiii, bom ver mais um lusitano por essas terras. Eu estou morando em Portugal agora, Lisboa hahahaha

E acertou na mosca. Camisa do Vasco no Mac, feito com muito capricho claramente

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Looks like AB has shot his wad, again.

By tomorrow night this new cycle will be dead, it'll be on the the playoffs and no one will care about AB in the least.

Hey, at least AB wrote this wonderful musical tribute to his experience with the Jete for us to remember him by.



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He's right that no one can win or perform on their own, but clearly some players are better than others.

Tom Brady needs receivers and blockers.
Zach Wilson needs receivers and blockers.

But that sure don't mean Brady and Wilson are on the same talent level.
Wrs need qbs who need blockers


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We can all say that now, given that he blew up this year rather than last.

As for this year, the injuries are stacking up and they pushed a lot of money into next season trying to keep the band together for one more run.

2022 will be a great reckoning, especially if Brady decides he's done.

If he plays in 2022, they still get to deal with the $24M dead cap number in 2023 due to the three voidable years 2023-5.

The window is closing fast.

They can roll it all again with more voidable years for everyone. They know this is their best shot for a Championship. And who is to say they are wrong. The humoungous negative cap hit in some future year can be dealt with post-Brady.

And I think Brady has 2-3 more years in him.


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AB just needs to let his lawyer do his statements and stay out of social media. For somebody who desperately needs surgery he's out there making rap videos and reveal parties.

Bill Lee

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The AB news cycle is now stone cold dead. It joins the long list of dead stories such as Aaron Rodgers and covid, WFT sexual abuse, etc. We've now got playoffs and coach firings/hirings to talk about. AB can squat and take a dump on a picture of Big Ben, Tomlin, TB12 and Gronk and the needle would not move. Welcome to irrelevance, AB! It's been waiting for you all along.


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After seeing that video, my first thought is to recommend he not quit his day job but…. Well…. That pirate ship has sailed….