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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Playoff Monday - Wild Card Round - Cow Patties vs the Avocados

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Oct 1st

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He was down

Bill Lee

What, me worry? Supporter
People just keep expecting the old Brady magic because it's Brady, the Bucs stink and Tom Brady isn't the same guy he was in his prime.
Tom sure misses a lot of basic throws these days.

That being said, someone will pay him if he wants to play next season.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Only Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles could wreck a team so badly that it makes people believe Brady is washed. It's easier to believe that because of his age, but he's absolutely fine. Give the Bucs just about any other coaching staff in the league and they'd be a contender.
It is quite noticeable what a coaching staff can do to a team.

Look at the Giants going from Judge to Daboll

Saints from Payton to Allen

Bucs from Arians to Bowles

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
The era of the unathletic statue QB is coming to an end, life is so much easier when your quarterback can pick up cheap yards
Brady had exceptional pocket mobility his entire career.

I'm pretty sure their hasn't been an "era of the unathletic statue QB" either. How many HOF quarterbacks fit that exact characterization?


In the Starting Line-Up
Godwin fumbling is the least surprising part of this game. He's EXTREMELY lucky he seems to be down. Also, not sure why his face looks as if he got a football stuck up his butt.
Too bad they don't play another game. Godwin would be going for a fumble four games in a row. Could be a record.

Jangles Supporter Supporter
The Bucs are such a terrible team

Brady doesn’t look good, but there’s probably not a QB in this league that could do a whole lot more

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