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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Playoff Monday - Wild Card Round - Cow Patties vs the Avocados

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Oct 8th


"You're gonna have to serve somebody..."
Before the weekend started, I thought this one would be the best game. Well, now it's got a lot of competition! :)

Pulling for Tampa... I like this kid Brady...


...he might just make it after all. :)


Pro Bowl Player
Analytics say Cowboys have 68% chance of victory. Edit: I wonder if last weeks game loss figured in it.

venecol Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Is Jensen active?


Pro Bowl Player
Analytics say Cowboys have 68% chance of victory. Edit: I wonder if last weeks game loss figured in it.
Hard to trust either team after the season they had. I’d say Bucs likely have poor ‘outside their division’ record and should lose. But the Cowboys are just the type of team to go to Tampa, lay an egg, allow Brady endgame fireworks…

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
The biggest disadvantage is to the winner of tonight's WC game that has to play next SUN at 6:30 against the 49ers that played on SAT @4:30. That's 2 days less rest between them for teams that have to fly to the west coast. Why?

Jags: Sat to Sat
NYG: Sun to Sat
Bills/Cin: Sun to Sun
49ers: Sat to Sun
Cowboys/Bucs: Mon to Sun
Bucs need to get through tonight's game first. They've been so banged up this season that the extra day probably did them some good. Hopefully they can start worrying about next Sunday tomorrow.


Pro Bowl Player
Dallas doing their best impression of the low point of the 2022 Bucs' offense.

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