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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2022 NFL Playoff Monday - Wild Card Round - Cow Patties vs the Avocados

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Oct 8th


Hall of Fame Poster
This is in part on Brady. Tampa has had to condense the field because he can't torque his hips to make the outs to the left any more. Every time I see him try, it's not a hard throw and not accurate. The Bucs have condensed the part of the field where he can throw and opposing teams know it by cheating inside.

He still throws as hard as ever when he goes up the middle or to the right. But if it's an out? He's pretty stiff now.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Leftwich and Bowles are a handicap too much for any team to overcome.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Do or die drive here for the Bucs.

Bill Lee

What, me worry? Supporter
I'll really laugh if next year Tampa plugs in the next Brock Purdy type and all of a sudden Evans and Godwin are stars again.

TheBeers Supporter Supporter
the huge problem for Tampa this year (like us) was offensive coaching. But they also had a bad injury year, O-line especially.


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I know it isn’t over with Brady tonight but if they lose hopefully he retires.

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
Brady 5 years ago has this team competitive in this game with this roster
The roster's old and slow. The WRs are just names at this point. Godwin hasn't been the same coming off the ACL. Statistically Evans salvaged his season with one enormous game but he's been trash this season. Julio Jones needs to retire, he's finished. Rookie TEs were ok but they missed Gronk. Running game was 32nd in the NFL and they weren't even that good. Dummy Bowles brought out the worst in everyone too.

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