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Maybe Tunes 2019 list will help...

For the uninitiated, here is a partial historical recap of the Green Beans’ violations and gaffes, in no particular order:

* Jets tamper with Pats coach Bill Parcells during Patriots Super Bowl run.
* Jets sign Pats running back Curtis Martin to bogus "poison pill" contract.
* Jets coach Herm Edwards sets NFL record for game clock mismanagement.
* Jets fans assault women in multiple “Gate 4” incidents.
* Pats assistant Eric Mangini steals Bill Belichick's laptop computer upon hiring as Jets coach.
* Jets coach Eric Mangini tampers with Patriots WR Deion Branch.
* Mangini and Jets front office initiate “Cameragate” against the Patriots.
* Jets coach Rex Ryan fined $50k for flipping off Dolphins fans in public.
* Immaturity and disorganization of team documented on HBO "Hard Knocks" series.
* Reporter Ines Sainz claims she was sexually harassed in Jets locker room.
* Jets players forced to take social awareness classes after Sainz incident.
* Jets fan Nick Gilronan wins the first International Small-Penis Pageant, poses for newspaper photo wearing crown and team jersey.
* Trip-Gate: assistant coach Sal Alosi fined $25k and suspended for season.
* Rex Ryan's foot fetish videos starring wife make mainstream news.
* Ryan farms out his wife to strangers on Internet kink site.
* Ryan embarrasses self weeping publicly; also makes horrid cameo in Adam Sandler film.
* Quarterback Mark Sanchez buttfumbles his way to infamy.
* Sanchez dates/beds high school girl; is photographed dancing nude with clothed women.
* Jets mascot Fireman Ed quits citing abuse from fellow fans, refuses team's request to return.
* Accused murderer/male Jets fan sucker punches small blonde female Pats fan in Jersey.
* Quarterback Brett Favre texts genitals photo to fellow Jets employee Jen Sterger.
* Penis selfie photo sexted by quarterback Gee-No! Smith published on multiple web sites.
* Tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. arrested for drug possession, seen masturbating in his car.
* Jets sign convicted felon/dog killer Ron Mexico, a/k/a Michael Vick.
* Jets legend Joe Namath lauds Pats quarterback Tom Brady as the greatest ever.
* A drunken Namath shames the Jets trying to kiss reporter Suzy Kolber on national TV.
* CB Antonio Cromartie requests salary advance to pay child support; can't recall kids' names.
* Owner Woody Johnson openly tampers with ex-Jet/Patriot cornerback Darrelle Revis.
* CB Darrelle Revis returns for huge $$$ after tricking Jets into bidding against themselves.
* Media weasel/Jets hack Manish Mehta calls Patriots "petty" over Revis tampering allegation.
* Jets file bogus tampering claim over Pats owner Bob Kraft's comments regarding Revis.
* Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is suspended four games for his marijuana habit.
* Jets fans commission "cheaters" banner flown over Patriots training camp practice.
* Sheldon Richardson strikes again, charged with resisting arrest after traffic violations.
* Jets team officials don't learn about Richardson's latest arrest 'til two weeks later.
* Jets fans loudly boo quarterback Gee-No! Smith during in-stadium training camp practice.
* Teammate punches Gee-No! Smith breaking his jaw, sidelining him for two months.
* Jets guard Oday Aboushi is suspended one game, found with weed during traffic stop.
* Jets rookie quarterback Bryce Petty angers Jets fans by liking Domino's pizza.
* Jets WR Quincy Enunwa is suspended four games for abusing his girlfriend.
* Paranoid Jets have Gillette locker room swept for electronic bugs.
* Paranoid Jets Security Director Robert Mastroddi interrogates Pats sideline personnel.
* Mastroddi's son outed as publicly wishing injury, death to Tom Brady.
* Jets scum troll (jetfan51) starts threads at Patfans.com to spoil new "Star Wars" film.
* Jets organization trolls Pats/Belichick on Twitter for kicking off in overtime game.
* QB Fitzpatrick ruins Jets' 2015 playoff chances with interceptions vs. Bills.
* Cromartie strikes again, fathering 11th and 12th children with woman No. 8.
* Sad-sack GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush chooses Woody Johnson as campaign finance chairman.
* Jets tailgate bus burns up in Connecticut (in late February).
* Jets WR Brandon Marshall appears in court, charged with punching woman at nightclub.
* Cromartie strikes yet again, evicting his own mother from the home he bought her.
* QB Fitzpatrick fleeces desperate Jets for one-year, $12 million contract.
* Marshall and Revis get in limp-wristed training camp slap fight.
* Fitzpatrick throws six interceptions in game vs. Kansas City.
* Dr. Jay P. Granat, a renowned New York psychotherapist who has worked with Olympic athletes, proclaims, "The Jets have been mismanaged since 1969. The fans are down and the players are down. There is a hopelessness to the Jets. The feeling of hopelessness is one of the main things we see with depression.”
* Woody Johnson leaves Jets' "day-to-day operations" to become ambassador to Britain.
* Jets cut star center Nick Mangold in salary dump.
* Jets cut Revis after police charge him with felony assault.
* Leading WR Marshall is cut, promptly signs with cross-town adult organization New York Giants.
* Jets try to woo Pats UFA linebacker Dont'a Hightower with money and stale cupcakes, fail miserably.
* QB Gee-No! Smith also leaves team to sign with adult organization New York Giants.
* Jets players have historic off-season in 2017 commiting various violations and criminal acts:
* WR Robby Anderson is arrested and charged with a felony at Miami music festival.
* WR Jalin Marshall gets four-game suspension for PED violation.
* Tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins is suspended two games for prior (2016) DUI arrest.
* CB Nick Marshall is released after receiving four-game PED suspension.
* Former Jet Tony Richardson announcing a pick at the NFL draft fumbles the J-E-T-S chant, calling out J-E-T-E. The name Jete sticks.
* Jete fans far and wide hope the team tanks in 2017 to earn a high draft pick in 2018.
* Former Jete player Marvin Washington sues U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to decriminalize marijuana.
* Broadcaster Craig Carton, an avowed Jete fan, is arrested by the FBI for perpetrating a Ponzi scheme defrauding people of millions.
* Jete WR Robby Anderson is arrested once again on multiple charges, including harm to a public servant/family, reckless driving, eluding police, and resisting arrest.
* Jete linebacker Dylan Donahue is arrested for DWI after causing a crash driving the wrong way in the Lincoln Tunnel.
* Jete acting CEO Christopher Johnson states the team is not mandated to make the playoffs in 2018.
* Jete send THREE second-round draft picks to the Colts to switch places and move up just three spots in the 2018 draft, from No. 6 to No. 3, ostensibly to draft a quarterback.
* Jete announced reduced pricing for 2018 season tickets -- including 24 different price levels, with and without PSLs.
* During 2018 spring OTAs, Jete players are seen wearing shirts with the lame credo, "Blame Nobody," "Expect Nothing," "Do Something."
* Quarterback Christian Quackenbush, picked 51st overall by the Jete in the second round of the 2016 draft, is traded to the Oakland Raiders for a seventh-round pick. He never saw the field for New Jersey during the regular season in 2016 or 2017 despite being heralded as a top prospect out of Penn State.
* Jete 2018 fourth-round draft pick tight end Chris Herndon is charged with DWI after causing an accident that injures a 76-year-old man.
* The Jete criminal parade continues: Former tight end Kellen Winslow II is arrested on multiple charges including kidnapping and rape.
* Undisciplined Jete players instigate massive brawl with innocent Redskins players at 2018 training camp joint practice.
* Jete lose their best quarterback prior to start of the 2018 season, trading Teddy Bilgewater to the Saints.
* With Jete offensive line in shambles, veteran quarterback Josh McClown announces to the world that rookie QB Dam Darnit is ready for the starting job.
* In true Jete fashion, Darnit's first regular-season pass is intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Detroit. But the Lions quit early and allow visiting New Jersey to win. Led by now-fair weather mascot Fireman Ed, moronic Jete fans in attendance rudely disrespect their hosts by loudly shouting the pointless and obnoxious J-E-T-E chant at game's end.
* Jete lose to the Cleveland Browns, giving the Browns their first win in two years. Dam Darnit interceptions factor into the embarrassing loss. Visiting Jete fans could be heard doing their moronic chant when their team was ahead, only to deservedly leave bitterly disappointed.
* Jete General Manager Mike Maccromagnon says in a media interview halfway through the 2018 campaign that he is looking forward to the off-season.
* Jete fan Christopher Greyshock is charged with DWI after he rear-ends another vehicle following his team's 41-10 beatdown by the Buffalo Bills. He tells police the Jete drove him to drink.
* Darnit is benched after a string of alarmingly regressive performances, team says he has a "sprained foot."
* New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta writes a scathing assessment of Jete organizational dysfunction, including GM Mike Maccromagnon's abysmal draft record and rift with head coach Odd Blowes.
* Jete linebacker Darron Lee is suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy, happily missing the season's final four games.
* Moron tight end Eric Tomlinson drops a weight on his foot in the weight room requiring surgery and forcing him to happily miss the season finale vs. New England.
* Head coach Odd Blowes is fined $25,000 by the league for criticizing officials.
* Jete brass stupidly leaks news on eve of the 2018 season finale that Blowes will be fired.
* Jete $72.5 million cornerback Trumaine Johnson is scratched from the lineup for the 2018 season finale for missing a team meeting.
* Blowes is fired a few hours after his team is humiliated by the Patriots, 38-3.
* Jete safety Jamal "Punk" Adams publicly takes a veiled shot at GM Maccromagnon stating that his team's roster lacks talent and that Blowes should not have been fired.
* Iowa State University head football coach Matt Campbell declines Jete request to interview him.
* The Jete inexplicably hire Miami Dolphins losing coach/castoff Adam "Googly Gaze" Gase as head coach. Jete fans express their displeasure via multiple media outlets.
* Observers question Gase's sanity as his eyes bizarrely dart about during introductory press conference.
* The Jete hire as defensive coordinator the well-traveled Gregg Williams, mastermind of the infamous New Orleans Saints "bountygate" scandal for which he was suspended. The NFL still is investigating allegations that Williams ran a similar bounty program during his stint with the Washington Redskins.
* Self-styled social media star Jamal "Punk" Adams, erstwhile Jete safety, injures Patriots mascot in an unstaged tackle during practice at the Pro Bowl. Adams tweets a video of the ill-advised stunt saying it was for all "Patriots haters."
* Vikings free-agent linebacker Anthony Barr backs out of verbal agreement to sign with New Jersey, saying the thought of joining the Jete made him physically ill. He quickly re-ups with Minnesota.
* Jete sign former Steelers running back Leveon "I ate too much in 2018" Belch to overpriced four-year contract after he skipped all of the 2018 season in a contract snit, getting grossly out of shape.
* Jete unveil new uniforms in a beyond lame hour-long live YouTube event staged with dancing cheerleaders, singers and celebrities. The uniform designs (white, green and black versions), which reportedly were five years in process, are best described as generic-looking and unnecessary.
* Levon Belch fails to show up for voluntary mini-camp.
* During an interview with the NFL Network, new Jete draft pick Quinnen "Quinine" Williams sneezes then blesses and thanks himself. (Williams scored 11 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test.)
* Jete co-owner Chris "Dimwit" Johnson fires GM Maccromagnon in mid-May, AFTER the draft and free agency, then inexplicably foists GM duties onto new head coach Googly Gaze. Reports surface that Gaze didn't want to hire defensive coordinator Williams or sign running back Levon Belch.
* More evidence that being with the Jete drives players to drink and menace society: after pleading guilty to a 2018 DUI charge, tight end Chris Herndon faces a likely suspension to start the 2019 season. Also, former Jete defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson is arrested in New York City and charged with DUI on June 1, 2019.
* Levon Belch creates another distraction by calling 911 to report that two women he left naked in his bed to go to the gym stole $1M worth of cash, jewelry and clothing from his Florida home on May 25, 2019. Police promise to investigate once they stop laughing.
* Jete 2019 third-round pick linebacker Jackass ImPolite (Jachai Polite) is cut after amassing more than $100,000 in team fines during training camp. Meanwhile, No. 3 overall pick nose tackle Quinine Williams fails to crack the starting lineup.

More to come … please chime in with your own border-war lowlights.
I take issue with one......" Joe Namath shames Jets...". Thats impossible.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
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Three lives altered: Fitzy got the starting job, went 10-6 for the Jetsy's last winning season, and is still cashing in five years later!

That punch may have made $millions of dollars for Fitzy!
I believe Fitz planned it.


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I heard from him and told him you were asking for him...I can't print what he had to say about you...family board and all that....but he really really does NOT have any affection for you whatsoever...I'd say it's more a less somewhere between derision and disgust.
Good to hear. Hope he returns soon.


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Jets scrimmaged today: 1st team offense vs. 2nd team defense and vice versa. How did that go? Well....

Welp, we're prepared for Covid taking out our starters for a few weeks.

Gotta look on the bright side... right?


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PatsFans.com Supporter
it's to be expected to be honest...the Rats devote most of the first month of practice to displaying the "Googly Gaze" where you stand on the field and glare at the other side....guess the Jete feel that intimidation is the most important aspect of team building and play and by "googly gazing" they'll have a leg up on the competition...



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The word on the street (i.e. Twitter) is that the Jets pulled Manish Mehta's press credentials. Wonder what he did.... those 2 losers were made for each other. I love how they are like a dysfunctional marriage where they just compound each others' misery.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
The word on the street (i.e. Twitter) is that the Jets pulled Manish Mehta's press credentials. Wonder what he did.... those 2 losers were made for each other. I love how they are like a dysfunctional marriage where they just compound each others' misery.
We’ve been talking about it in Jets threads for years.

He had a primary source in the organization and was given access in exchange for cheerleading puff pieces about how great the team is.

He doesn’t like Gase, and many believe his source was MacCagnan. Or could be one of the Johnson brothers. Bottom line is it’s some political ******** with Manish and that organization; backstabbing and cutting deals.