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Sep 26th

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    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    NFL PAT is longer than college though so those stats don’t mean anything
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    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    Given the state of kicking in the NFL today, I’m not sure Folk would take a practice squad salary over an NFL gig and I’d have to think there will be someone calling soon. He did well enough last year to warrant a job somewhere. If not now, then pretty early in the season
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    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    Seems to me that a guy looking for a payday who is over 30, coming off a good/not great year which ended in a fairly major injury is better off getting on the field and proving he is still elite and worthy of a big contract. Missing at least 6 weeks is less film for other teams to consider when...
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    DRAFT Cameron McGrone

    They’re nothing alike other than going to the same school McGrone is an off the ball LB who probably projects best to MIKE and is really a run stopper who (if he hits his upside) can blitz and cover well enough to play 3 downs Crable was an EDGE who was weak at the POA and really was a pass...
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    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL 2021 NFL Draft - Day 2 Discussion Thread

    Rutgers worked quite well. Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon and Logan Ryan. Those are some of his best DB picks.
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    If Cam is returning, we need a better QB room around him.

    Gilmore was an unrestricted free agent
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    Player Signing Cam newton resigned 1 year deal

    the guy who showed up against Seattle was facing a defense which was - at the time - on a record pace for passing yards allowed. And he lost that game. And he never looked even half that good against any quality defense. as for Brown “pushing the pile” - hard to think the OL will be any better...
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    N'Keal on the block?

    You trust them at DL despite drafting Easley, Brown (mediocre at best), Hill, Brace? That’s 4 of the biggest whiffs they’ve had in the top 2 rounds. 3 of those guys contributed absolutely nothing. They nailed it with Seymour, Wilfork, Warren. Since then, their DL draft picks have been suspect at...
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    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Thuney is a better player than Andrews but they have no in house alternative to Andrews Thuney to Onwenu is a definite downgrade but not a massive one if we buy into what Onwenu showed last year Andrews to some random rookie or low end veteran is a major issue for pass protection.
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    Belichick's end of season speech / excuses to team

    getting a QB is going to be very difficult and it’s very hard to be a Super Bowl contender for without an elite QB Any AFC team is going to likely have to get through some combo of the Bills, Ravens and Chiefs for the next few years and that’s going to be almost impossible with any sort of QB...
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    Gronk trade completed

    butterfly effect indicates that’s probably not the case
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    LOOK: Patriots Unveil New Uniform

    The monochromatic jersey fad needs to die already
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    Patriots agree to terms with FB Danny Vitale

    A couple TE and WR also. Some LB help as well
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    Patriots Sign DT Beau Allen

    Minor upgrade on Shelton