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Hyped Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Still on the Mac Jones bandwagon, but I don't mind seeing Zappe starting a few more games. The next 3 are CHI, @NYJ, and IND all before our BYE week. If Jones is out until week 11...that's exactly 8 weeks of recovery time which is the longest estimated recovery time for a high ankle sprain.


Hall of Fame Poster
Mac will struggle when he comes back on Monday night vs Chicago.

His ankle will be on his mind and he will be jumpy to avoid getting hit. I believe that we will see more throwing off his back foot.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
If we’re putting Jones on a short leash, we might as well just name Zappe the starter.

Depends on what you consider a short leash. If they are going to pull him at the first sign of trouble, I agree with you. If he goes a good stretch of games where he really struggles and they decide to pull him, I think they should give Jones the opportunity to lose his job.

When I said a short leash, I went into the season believing he was the starter for the full year even if he turns into a train wreck. Now if he goes like three games in a row where plays like crap, he could lose his job. That is my idea of a short leash.
Mac should still be the starter, but he needs to play better than he did in the first three games this year - hopefully he's taken the rehab time and watching Zappe run the offence to learn and develop, he seemed skittish and his ability to read the field post-snap definitely took a step back in those first three games. Still think he's got great potential, but he's now got to show it.

Zappe has done a great job, and it's to know we have a competent 2nd option if Mac totally flames out


Pro Bowl Player
I think that they will give Mac a chance against Chicago if he is ready. But I think the best option is to ride the hot hand. Mac hasn’t been winning or performing all that exceptionally midway through his rookie year.

Zappe is looking better every week, he is winning and the team is starting to get. Seems ridiculous to risk grinding it to a halt to soothe Mac’s feelings.
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crawhammer Supporter Supporter
I would stick with Zappe at this point. He's playing well and the offense looks better overall so it doesn't make sense to rock the boat. Mac had a poor start to this season after a poor finish last season. I don't like the idea of going back to Mac "with a short leash" either. Ride it out with Zappe who may very well have a higher ceiling than Mac. If Zappe does a 180 and starts playing poorly, which seems unlikely given what he's shown thus far, then go back to Mac. Zappe has earned additional starts at least and Mac wasn't playing well enough to just be given "his job" back.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I have seen enough from Jones to think he will not be an elite (top 5-7) QB in the NFL which is what we need and what I want d%#*[email protected]

His arm is not strong enough, he sails passes, he he does not throw with velocity. He also panics when he is surprised by the rush. He holds onto the ball too long and gets sacked or throws up the ball too late instead of decisively throwing away it away earlier.

Just as importantly, he does not strike me as a leader. No charisma that I can see from him. He does not seem to project confidence in the way he talks.

It is very much early days for Zappe and could jut be an outlier but I see a lot of things I like.

He has a stronger arm, he does not sail his throws and he has great ball placement!

He has good pocket awareness and I don't get the same deer in the headlights feeling I get from Jones. He moves well in the pocket.

It is probably because he only has one read and throw (from what I can see) but he seems to be more decisive about when to pull the trigger.

Lastly, he has charisma and projects confidence when he speaks that Jones simply does not.

I would go with Zappe for at least another month or so, let Jones fully recover from injury and then make a decision.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I can the future announcer : " Bailey ...drops back from the pocket and ZAP it to Parker for a touchdown".

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
"Okay, so we're doing this"
--Aaron Burr, "The Ten Duel Commandments," Hamilton

Since we're there now, I'll agree with you guys, Zappe, short leash. And if he comes in to relieve Zappe, Mac better wow us if he wants that to be the last word. If Zappe's just getting outgunned by an Indy or a Chicago, and Mac comes in and additionally throws 3 int.s, er, the kid gets a mulligan for 1 more week.

Now here's something intriguing. I was thinking back to the 2021 "NASA Mission Control" draft room, demonstrating our new, improved, collaborative drafting style. Pick number 15, don't eff it up, get everybody's opinion, get it on camera, show it all over the country, go or no-go, everybody's in, right?

That was when Kraft leaning on BB was the story, and the response was the "collaborative style" process as demonstrated in Round 1, right after BB got his punk card pulled.

Okay, so questions:
1) Is "collaboration" more or less likely to be rigidly enforced the next year?
2) If there are lapses in which maybe BB has more of the guiding hand, is it likely to be in the earlier or later rounds?
3) In fact, since BB has historically just hit home runs in the later rounds, but could not draft in the early rounds... might he not have the control to pick the 32nd pick in the 4th round (137 overall), Bailey Zappe?
4) (drumroll maestro...) Might.... ah said might... Bailey Zappe feel more like his pick than Mac Jones?
4b) Might, ah said might, the order have come done from Kraft to pick a QB in 2021, if one of the Big 5 were available at 15? That makes Zappe totally Bill's guy in this scenario, Mac, barely even a little.

I mean, now that we're doing this.

Joe Judge is doing a great job with Zappe why you hating on him?
Hoyer should replace Albert Breer.


Staff member Supporter
I wonder if next offseason will actually be a QB competition.
Hmm, I keep reading from Mac supporters that Zappe is benefiting from a more simplified offense/playbook than Mac has had to utilize this season.

However, according to Hunter Henry, that does not appear to be the case (1:52):

Gresh and Keefe seem taken aback when Hunter states that it's the same offense. Very interesting...

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