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Mac or Zappe

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Still Mac’s job to lose. It would be a travesty if they gave up on him after 2 poor games in his second season in a completed revamped offense. Zappe has undeniably earned consideration and respect though. Mac’s grace period has shortened from another year to maybe another month. After that, it’s open competition.


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For now it's still Mac but for no other reason than he is a year further along in his learning. So it makes sense to go back to Mac and give Zappe some more time to learn.


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It should also make Mac take care of the football more.
Hopefully. If he doesn’t, he now knows he has a capable back-up breathing down his neck.

I’d like to see less dancing and talking as well. Hawt taek, but it seemed like Mac loved himself some Mac before leaving with injury. Shut your mouth unless you’ve made a play, stop dancing like a moron, and get back to playing some ball.

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I still think Jones is the starter when healthy. He will have a shorter leash now. And if he cannot come back in the next few games, Zappe could make enough of a statement to take the job away. One great game isn't enough in my eyes.

I stated this in another thread. When the Pats played the Texans last year, many people were killing Belichick for drafting Jones and not drafting Mills in a later round because they were convinced Mills was going to be a star after he completed 21 of 29 passes for 312 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 INTs. Now Mills is in his last year as a starter and will likely be relegated to back up duty and replaced by a first round drafted QB next year.

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Jones on a short leash. Bb knows best and im sure he’ll take full advantage of zappe’s success too from a motivational standpoint
That’s definitely one option. In my opinion this one is putting a lot of pressure on Mac. If he plays like the first 3 games and loses games how long do give him before benching him? If you bench him after that you can’t really put him back in if Zappe start playing bad.

My opinion is ride with the hot hand and let Zappe make the decision for you. best case scenario, Zappe will improve even more or continue to play great and you keep him as the starter or worst case, he start to suck and you put Mac back in.


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As we speak @venecol and @Triumph are creating multiple accounts to vote for more Zappe time.
Its time to change your avatar.