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venecol Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Most had him in the 5th-udfa range. Although he "peaked" around 55 consensus board had him at 163.

I probably had him higher than 90% of the stuff out there at a 3rd. I value the possibility of becoming a bu QB A LOT more than most though. QB's seem to be missing more time than ever. Those 1-4 games make or break your season. And bu do a ton behind the scenes that don't show up on paper or even to most people's eyes but they are a huge chemistry builders and bridges. Not all OC & QB see eye to eye. They can really melt tension, talk to both sides and be straight without fear of anything. As one told me a long time ago. They can't bench me and the next guy that can throw a football is our bu Saf. Again just lots of stuff that doesn't show up on highlights but a good one will make your starters life a lot easier.

I've gotten stuff for having guys like that too high but it just comes down to what you believe in and value.
Thanks for that insight.

I can definitely see Mac as a back-up to Zappe. Hoyer can find a job elsewhere. Mac is a team first guy. There shouldn't be any issues.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
That's the thing about drafting nerds, they all have opinions. Some good ones and some bad ones. Among the imperfect sciences, it is the king. I am always stunned by the wide ranges players get from the draft sites, which is compounded by the wide variances of success and failure by the teams themselves. Now BCG is among the best imo, but.....

Again, my pet peeve is how we ALL immediately react to short term success or failure to make blanket judgments on players and coaches. Tua has gone from a abject failure to MVP candidate inside of 9 games. Christ it took Justin Fields only 3 games to go from zero to hero. So today HE's the best QB from the 21 rookie class and Mac is the worst.

If Mack throws for 3 TDs, 300yds, and no TO's next Sunday, will that suddenly make HIM suddenly a great choice. NO, a thousand time no. When are we going to learn that NO ONE individual is to blame or the reason for success in the game of football. It's the ULTIMATE truism of the game. It is what makes it great, and yet we CONSTANTLY make comments that make it ALL about the individual, and it drives me NUTS.

BTW- as for the morons who think Bill has past it, do you have ANY idea how many decisions he has to make each week. Hundreds during the week, followed by about a 60 more during the game. So being right 100% of the time is an impossibility. Dozens are NOT going to work out and even more we are not going to agree with (with our perfect 20/20 hindsight). But it is safe to acknowledge, even as Bill enters his dotage, he making a lot more correct decisions that wrong ones. Unfortunately this goes against the narrative that those amongst us who haven't been wrong about anything that has to do with football since the Carter Administration would like you to believe. :rolleyes:
Have you ever seen the term TLDR (too long didn't read) ) Your post are really really long. I mean really long. Yet I've never once thought TLDR. I just thought I'd throw that out there in case you think your wasting time .


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Tua has gone from a abject failure to MVP candidate inside of 9 games.
The thing that surprises me about how people think of Tua as that the "Suck for Tua" thing was almost as big as the "Suck for luck" thing back in the day. So Miami got him on the cheep, because of a freak hip injury. but obviously Tua was going to lite it up if he could rehab that nasty hip injury. Now every one is surprised. If he didn't have that hip injury, he would a went 1 overall right?


Not the kind of guy to say I told you so ... Supporter
Thanks for that insight.

I can definitely see Mac as a back-up to Zappe. Hoyer can find a job elsewhere. Mac is a team first guy. There shouldn't be any issues.
This isn't perfect but it's very useful bc where prospects are drafted matters a lot. Also just good to have.

This second half is super interesting bc we're playing some of the best teams. On the cusp of that final po spot rn and have a mini QB controversy among the Al-Qaeda (the base), as I like to call our fan base :)
Very interesting going into a huge year in 23. This is a legit 3 years away from Brady. By then we would have had plenty of $ to spend, picks to use. Including a top 15 on a QB. So again, big year.

Zappe Hour

Pro Bowl Player
What QBs are coming in the draft that we have a shot to go get is a talent upgrade from Zappe?
I won’t ask who is a upgrade from Mac cause that list is way too long to name all of them.


In the Starting Line-Up
This play is a microcosm of Jones' issues ... basically his struggles in a nutshell. He has a really clean pocket here but you still see all the same problems:
  • Never looks to his right (appears to have an open Bourne on a checkdown)
  • Anxious in the pocket, moves too soon/too much, runs himself into pressure causing his rhythm/timing to break down in the process (watch how he squares his hips; once he does that, he's done for).
  • Hesitant, unsure, indecisive
  • Poor mechanics across the board: footwork, hips/core, throwing, etc. Just sloppy.
Yep. Spot on.


In the Starting Line-Up
Maybe putting Meyers wide right will force Mac Jones to look that way instead of left most of the time. Defenses are on top of Jones.

And if he could successfully go deep a time or two, the defense wii have more to worry about than our run game and the numbing dinking and dunking.