What a surprise - Falcons want to change OT rules

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I'm surprised it took this long.

Falcons GM Wants To Change NFL Overtime Rules After Super Bowl Loss To Patriots

“I would like to have a chance, of course, but that’s not where we are right now,” Dimitroff said. “And I’m a big league guy, so I’m supportive of where we are right now.

“Personally, I’d like us to continue to discuss that. I understand coin flips. I understand when Tom Brady flipped the coin — when it flipped in his favor in the middle of the field — there’s a guy who’s incredibly special when the game’s on the line, so that’s a difficult situation. … We would like to have an opportunity.”
Sorry Tom, I know you're a Pats guy and everything, but this reeks of sour grapes..... You knew the rules. You don't want to lose on a coin flip in overtime? Then don't give up 25 unanswered points at the end of regulation.


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If you can't stop a Team from scoring a TD too bad. Also blowing a 25 pts lead there is a First time for everything...I think the NFL will throw the book at him the game is long enough already.


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If this gets passed I defer every single time in OT.

HUGE advantage knowing what you need to do to win or tie.
If this passes, I'm one step closer to giving up on the NFL for good. Is this what the league is really coming to now? I don't like how a team won, so let me propose a change and it gets passed just like that? Player safety is one thing, but this is something entirely different. The Colts started this slippery slope and there doesn't seem to be any stopping it. They want parity and they don't care what they have to do to achieve it. I guess what that means now is let's stop the Patriots any way we can.

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I say just remove the subtly of this whole process and make a new amendment to the CBA:

"Anytime a team wins the Super Bowl, whatever it is they do best shall be outlawed for the next league year, and any rules that benefit them will be redacted."

At least then we can mentally prepare for it.


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They wish they had "a chance."

Okay... but their offense had quite a few "chances" to put the game away with another TD between 2 minutes remaining in the 3rd through the end of the 4th. They couldn't score a single point, and allowed Brady to score 25 unanswered to take it to OT.

It seems beyond pathetic to me that a team would whine about "not getting a chance to score" in OT when they blew so many chances to do just that in over a quarter's worth of time just prior to OT on offense, while simultaneously blowing so many chances to just stop Brady from scoring in that same time period as well.

It's like saying "well, we had a ton of chances to score, and a ton of chances to stop the other team from scoring, but forget all that - we didn't get ANOTHER chance in overtime, so it's not fair!!"


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It does seem like sour grapes now but I do agree with him and have thought that way since the inception of the rule. Each team should get a chance to possess the ball but I would limit this to postseason only. Still doesn't change the fact his team blew the biggest lead ever in the SB and took one of these....

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