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Week 13 early games discussion thread

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TD Jets. Brad Smith catches a short pass and runs for about 15 yards for a TD. 17-13 NYJ.


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49ers back to normal. Dilfer intercepted again. He looks more like Dilbert today. Oops, 49ers intercepted them back! What a couple of horrible teams.

Edit, Steve Smith and Nate Clements trash talking each other at the end of the half was the highlight of the half.
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Simms comparing Sanders to Bill Russell??? WTF is that??? Sanders is a to the Colts...
Phillie gambled an dlost on 4th....(I still think they will win..)
Carolina way StLouis is as well..


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Refs call O PI on Gonzales in the EZ for pushing off.

Then Manning hits Clark when the Jags DB's get confused on who to cover 21-7 Colts
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Minnesota classlessly runs it up on Detroit at the end of the half. :)

35-10. Peterson's averaging 8 yards a carry in the first half.


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it doesnt matter whether or not the refs called their first penalty on the colts just to make them look less biased. it didnt guarantee they wouldnt score anyways. they wouldnt always call that penalty if it was around the beginning of the game. they just wanna make it look more even by calling 1 penalty on them even though they normally dont.

its just so the media and fans will just use that if any fans complain that the officiating was onesided. imo


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Did anyone see the first play of the Redskins-Bills game? Bradshaw just mentioned that Washington came out on the first play with 10 players (as expected, to honor Sean Taylor) and that Buffalo ran up the middle (as expected, same reason); but he also mentioned that Buffalo gained 16 yards (!) on that that accurate? I had assumed that the first play would be more or less a wash (3 yards and a cloud of grief), but perhaps that was not part of the Bills plan.

Or perhaps Bradshaw is wrong?
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