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Week 13 early games discussion thread

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ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
Allow me to channel my inner Bill Simmons by noting that the 1 PM games include the game of the year, JEST-'lphins. . . . Feel the excitement! :D

As for the most important games for the Pats' draft pick (teams in bold are the ones whose wins better help the Pats pick be higher/earlier). . .

[email protected]CAR

[email protected] [Depends on outcome of [email protected]]

Pats Fanatic Supporter Supporter
I can wait until the Pats are on a reg, Sunday game. I sick of the Sunday and Monday night games.


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Touchdown Leon Washington. 7-0.

Jets are wearing their hideous throwbacks BTW.

SVN Retired Jersey Club
garrard fumble much for the jags saying we want to be where the coltsare..
now dungy challenge which iam sure will be reversed in favor of the colts.


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dungheap challenges everything just to try and get lucky with something.

It's annoying to watch.


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isnt this typical, i am already sick of Jags/Colts games. THe Jags just dont have what it takes to unseat them.

SVN Retired Jersey Club
isnt this typical, i am already sick of Jags/Colts games. THe Jags just dont have what it takes to unseat them.

jags are always overhyped .they wina few games before playing indy and the media goes nuts after them. in the end they lose easily


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Jags are definately going to lose. Too many mistakes.


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I'm watching Tennessee against Houston, as I haven't watched either team this season. Lendale White got in and looks to have lost a bit of fat this season.

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del rio is the most overrated coach i know. he talks as much as his players do. acts tough after winning a couple of games , mouths off before playing indy and then just stinks up the joint when playing them.

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" Polian rules again..." just completely disgusting and unbelievable
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I'm watching Seahawks/Eagles, and let me just say one word...WOW! AJ Feeley is showing the same confidence as he showed last week, and he sucks just as much as he normally does. It just goes to show that he was ridiculously lucky against us last Sunday.


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LOL, did you see that spot? The league is in the Colts pocket so much it's ridiculous.
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