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2021 Bold Predictions

2021 Patriots Season:
Upcoming Opponent:
Next Up: at Bills
Pick Results: NE: 81.6% at BUF: 18.4%

Dec 6th

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


The FRG has a little **** Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I believe the Dolphins have one of the worst rosters in the league. And that O-line is awful. Think the Jets are somewhat competitive with Wilson. Lions rebuilding since 1956. And the Pats are a good football team.
So far, for your spot on predictions to be true:

1. MIA can win 1 game rest of season;

2. NEP can lose 3 more games;

3. HOU already won a game so that's a bust;

4. DEN can win 2 more games (they play Jax, Jete, & Det)

5. PHI can't win any more games (they play Jete & Det)

6. ARI can win 2 more games (they play Jax, Hou, & Det)

I predict you don't make 25% of your predictions.


"You're gonna have to serve somebody..." Supporter
I did actually. fireball is a helluva whiskey.
Fireball is the hot cinnamon whiskey version of Southern Comfort.

If all you get for a hangover is a pounding headache, you're fortunate.

(not that I'm speaking from experience) :whistle: