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2021 Bold Predictions

venecol Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I believe the Dolphins have one of the worst rosters in the league. And that O-line is awful. Think the Jets are somewhat competitive with Wilson. Lions rebuilding since 1956. And the Pats are a good football team.
So far, for your spot on predictions to be true:

1. MIA can win 1 game rest of season;

2. NEP can lose 3 more games;

3. HOU already won a game so that's a bust;

4. DEN can win 2 more games (they play Jax, Jete, & Det)

5. PHI can't win any more games (they play Jete & Det)

6. ARI can win 2 more games (they play Jax, Hou, & Det)

I predict you don't make 25% of your predictions.

venecol Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I drunkenly see you as a ****y with zero indignation. Did you win, you sorry ****y?

You have bets....predictions based on your pretty girl clit?
Did you sleep it off? Stop taking your "spot on" predictions so seriously. It's football.


"You're gonna have to serve somebody..."
I did actually. fireball is a helluva whiskey.
Fireball is the hot cinnamon whiskey version of Southern Comfort.


If all you get for a hangover is a pounding headache, you're fortunate.

(not that I'm speaking from experience) :whistle:


Yes, it's really me... Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
If the Bengals go 11-6, I'll wax your car every other week from 1/1 thru 7/1

I predict Jon Gruden gets fired by week 13

I reviewed this thread. Only two interesting things. Someone needs to wax a car a few times and @Dragda gets the only prediction worth mentioning.

PATSYLICIOUS Supporter Supporter
Interesting how the browns/Steelers/ravens were the reason everyone thought the afcn would be strong(myself included). They all ended up sucking, the Bengals won the division and the afcn still represented the conference in the super bowl.

As for us , most bold predictions would have looked bad whether positive or negative. We pretty much went exactly as expected with 10 wins and an early playoff exit.

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