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Something more positive today: Favorite Pats moments/games/memories vs each team

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Jul 3, 2013
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Thought about this last night. Vs the other 31 what is your favorite moment/game ever against that opponent? I’ll start with a few. I’ll come back to this list when I think of the teams I left blank.

BUF- Posted it a while back - regular season game in 1998. Bledsoe drive with no time outs for a game winning TD. Bills leave the field to protest a call on the XP so we get 2. Lol
MIA- So many to choose from. I‘m partial to Brady to Brown, OT TD. In Miami. Also liked the back to back wins in 97 regular season finale and playoffs. 86 AFCCG. Or the snowplow lol
NYJ- The Buttfumble. Lol

BAL- 2014 AFC Divisional playoff game. Comeback
CIN- On to who again?
PIT- 2001 AFC Championship game. Better unpack for New Orleans.

IND (or BAL Colts) -
JAX- 1996 AFC Championship game. Jambalaya!
TEN (or HOU Oilers) -

DEN- Gambling on a snap through the end zone paying off. 2003 regular season.
KC- 2018 AFC Championship game.
OAK/LA/LV - The Snow game hands down. Brady might have fumbled but it was payback for Roughing the Passer anyway so all square.
SD/LAC - 2006 AFC Divisional game

DAL- The OT loss in 2021 was a really great football game. I wish this Mac Jones was still around.
PHI- Super Bowl 39
WAS- This one is also tough… I guess the blowout in 2007.

CHI- 2002 regular season. Losing 27-6 with 6 minutes to go. One big Brady comeback later Pats win. This was a sign that Brady had *IT*.
DET- The Thanksgiving day game in 2013(?) was fun. Brady, Branch and Law Firm abuse Alphonso Smith
MIN- Comeback win and Bledsoe going off on them throwing 70 passes and that record still stands

ATL- What else? SBLI
CAR- SB 38
TB- Brady’s return home. Maybe not so much for the game but for everything around it.

ARI- Jimmy debut in 2016 and gets a win
STL/LA- What else? SB36
SEA- What else? SBXLIX
SF- The regular season loss in 2012 vs Kaepernick. Pats with a massive comeback down 31-3 in the 3rd quarter to tie but didn’t have enough at the end. Great game.
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Cinci blank? C'mon bro.
Cincy- On to Cincinnati Game
Cleveland- We were down with 2 minutes left in 2013 and somehow came back and won that game lol
NO- Kenbrell Thompkins catch game
GB- 2018 Josh Gordon coming out game
Houston- The Letterman Jacket game lol
Cinci blank? C'mon bro.
I know but that was something Bill said before game not the game itself. I guess if I’m picking Brady’s return vs Tampa then I’ll go with that one too since that wasn’t about the actual game either.
Cincy is probably when "we are onto Cincinnati" and that was the start of the FU Super Bowl run for everyone who said the Pats were done.

Houston was when the Pats beat the Texans when they showed up with those stupid lettermen jackets.

Indy was the AFCCG in the 2003 season when the Patriots picked off Manning for a fourth time. Close second was when Brian Cox laid out Jerome Pathon which was the unofficial start of the Patriots dynasty.

Tennessee was the division round playoff game in the 2003 season where it was bitter cold and the Pats kicked a game leading field goal inside the two minute warning and the defense led an impressive stand to force the Titans to turn over the ball on downs to end the game.

Giants was when Moss and Brady broke the TD records.
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I know but that was something Bill said before game not the game itself. I guess if I’m picking Brady’s return vs Tampa then I’ll go with that one too since that wasn’t about the actual game either.
Everything about the 2014 team just changed during that Cincy game, it was kinda surreal to watch.
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Re Indy… way too many to choose from. Could go with the Pats kicking their teeth in in Brady’s first start or one of the playoff wins vs Manning or the 38-34 win. Or the Deflategate game when we blew them right out of Foxboro because Brady deflated footballs or so some low information people and NFL employees say.

Pitt too. Picked the 2001 AFC Championship game but there are plenty to choose from. The fog bowl in 97 was fun. Blowing them out of our new stadium to start the 2002 season was awesome since they were still talking and none of the media gave us any respect for winning it all…
Chicago - 2010 season. Brady and company scored 36 points in a blizzard (I got a weather theme going here).
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Chicago - 2010 season. Brady and company scored 36 points in a blizzard (I got a weather theme going here).
This was fun
Jack Daniels (or pharmaceuticals) is a better coping mechanism than thumbing through the photo album
Two from 85
--Grogan's naked bootleg left v Jets - everyone was sleeping on it
--Robert Weather's 4th down TD run to seal the playoff spot (very gutsy call by Berry)
Add to Colts: Michael Bishop’s hail mary.

Could also be Kevin Harlan’s call....he could make taking a crap sound legendary.
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Against each team in the NFL... Not so sure I can do that. That's a lot. Some of my faves off the top of my head:

Buffalo: The perfect night, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007 in Buffalo. They peaked that night, two months too early, but it was a glorious night. We turned to the Bills fans in attendance at the half and told them we'd get the lights if they wanted to get an early start ahead of the traffic.

Tennessee: The slush bowl, Brady had, what, 6 TDs?

Chicago: The night Brady faked out Urlacher.

Denver: Belichick calling for the safety to gain field position

Raiders: You all know

Rams: The first one.

Atlanta: 28-3

Jete: Every time they win against them it's glorious.

Colts: eliminating Peyton with 3 picks by Ty Law.


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