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We are posted as the #2 likely suspect for Lamar?

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Dec 3rd

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BB wasn't lying 2/3rds through the season that it was too late to change coordinators, it was too late to fix what was already a disaster. The first thing they did when the season ended was put a "help wanted" sign out for an offensive coordinator. They knew what the problem was and attacked it quickly in the offseason.
you can coach up mac in practice in person (BB) without changing coordinators i believe


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Same could be said for Mac 10's Mechanics.
When did Mac's mechanics become a problem, now it's not "arm strength" but mechanics?

Mac made some decisions that were hard to decipher who was to blame due to the clusterfck on offense, but mechanics is nonsense the same way arm strength is. This offseason is too long to keep debating whether Mac is the guy or not, the only thing that will answer that is this season.


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why not take over as well? makes not much difference or can not be worse than MP
They screwed up the offense at inception, in preseason when they paired it down to make it easier, when they tried to use more zone blocking west coast concepts, in hiring Patricia to call the plays and lead the offense. There was no turning that train around once it was rolling down the tracks. All they could do at that point was try to execute better, but the scheme was flawed.

Thank about all the good seasons we watched over the years during peak dynasty, look at the 2014-2018 stretch. Certain groups whether it was the offense, defense or special teams had issues... then around midseason or later they fixed execution and by season's end were humming at peak efficiency. That was with veteran players, vet coaches, players who had a history together.

In 2022 you had young inexperienced players, new free agent players with little experience together, idiot inexperienced coaches trying to install a new half baked system.... it was doomed from the start, there was no fixing it.
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