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We are on to Dallas

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Great win against Philly even if was a bit ugly. It's nice to be back at home next week....with Gronk? :D Also, bye bye Newhouse and welcome back Wynn...

Notable injuries to monitor during the week - Sanu, Dorsett
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My wife and I own a bar and our Karoake DJ came in last week wearing a sweatshirt that said "I love the D" with the D being the Cowboys D symbol. One of the better sweatshirts I have seen...

(yes I know this really has nothing to do with the game, but felt an overwhelming need to tell everyone) :)


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Garrett vs Belichick. This is where coaching is a huge advantage.

I do worry about their WR's and that DL getting to Brady.


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Will Newhouse be getting back on the plane?


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Onto the Clapper, his lack of adjustments, and watching Jerruh have his typical aneurysm in the owner's box.


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I see this more as a test than the game we just won even at home. Dallas has some legit weapons. They can run the football.
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