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Washington new name

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Because England lost the war against us.
Also, if you're trying to be British, "Liverpool are called Liverpool," etc.

How about the Washington Football Individuals, since it's socialist to have a team with a common goal. Everybody pick what you want to wear and do what you feel like. Nobody's allowed to wear a facemask.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
How about the Washington strikersdownofsection4bofthevotingrightsactof63?

happened in ‘13. SCOTUS, electoral college… scams to keep the slave states relevant. Signature reform out of the civil rights movement.

ppl like Putin and the Baltic leaders hear us preach democracy and roll their eyes.


Practice Squad Player
I keep thinking that the new name is the “Washington Commodores” - I just don’t see them as the “Commanders” at least since the “Hogs” retired!


In the Starting Line-Up
Am I the only one who thinks its funny that the 2 sports teams that changed their racist names went with ranks from the Republic of Gilead?:oops: