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Washington new name

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So...the 2nd of February they will annonce (finally i would add...) the new name...

Seems no Wolves no RedWolves...

What will be the new one ?


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CBS sports projects its the Washington Admirals since that domain name has been registered and no other of the proposed names have been. Doesn't mean thats the name, but...

Bill Lee

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Regardless, I don't see how they can keep a major branding effort like this a secret in the modern era. Too many people are going to have to know well in advance of the announcement date. Not to mention, WFT has a pretty solid tradition of insiders leaking stuff to the press.


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it was impossible to to see any football in germany in the `80. with all the tapes (vhs) sending me over from friends in england, i enjoyd every NFL highlights. But one thing i have to say, i had never probs with the redskins (the team or the name). Just another world today.

Best wishes for Team W, that the new name is not .......... Admirals.


NFL Europe ????????


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I wouldn’t be mad about the groundhogs. Pretty fun name, and an animal I never thought I’d see a team use. Not sure if I’m a huge fan of the logo though.