The Official Patriots vs Bills Game Thread

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Sep 27th

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Oh Im sure Felger will figure a way to turn this game into a negative.
It shouldn't be to hard, now that we know that Belichick was responsible for Ray Rice decking his fiance there will be no limit to the criticism of him. Hopefully Felger won't uncover Belichick's role in funding ISISor his efforts to spread Ebola or we will never hear the end of it.


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Watch what happens if they win a championship. You'll see jerseys everywhere. They have the biggest fair weather fan base in all of sports.
It is because half of the people are not from there and the other half dont know what Football Americano is.


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I don't think you throw Richard Sherman in the same mix as Revis. Sorry to anyone who disagrees.
Never thought that comparison was valid. Witnessed Brady tear up that Seattle D a few years ago. Sherman had a pick on a bad pass intended for Branch, but I wasn't that impressed over all . On the other hand, I was impressed with Revis every time we faced him.

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Well, proud of the Patriots today. Went into a Buffalo stadium that was amped up with the new owner, had a couple of injuries to key players, and just kept pushing along. Nice clutch play by D, and the offense is showing signs of becoming diverse.

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Cowher just called Tyms, Brian "Times." Guess he'll just have to keep making plays until they learn his name.


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I would rather have had the Jets pull off the upset, but we knew they weren't capable of that. I still think the Broncos are a very beatable team.
I always kinda root for any team playing against one of our divisional teams. It only helps us.


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Great win. I must confess. With all the injuries, I didn't have much faith that we would hold on, but we did. If this was any other QB and coach, this probably would have been a 20 point loss.


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Ha, you're a joke.

So, what team do you root for, anyway?
Good one. Watch the play again. McKelvin didn't want to make that tackle. It's no slight on Lafell, just an observation on a pathetic tackling effort by McKelvin. BB would bench a guy for similar effort.
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