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It is because half of the people are not from there and the other half dont know what Football Americano is.
Definitely might be some truth to this, but you should see how many Heat jerseys there have been for the past few seasons. It's annoying because none of those people cared before the four straight Finals appearances.

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I always kinda root for any team playing against one of our divisional teams. It only helps us.
Eh! The Jets are going to be lucky to have seven wins this year. In fact, the Pats may end up having more wins by Friday morning than the Jets will have all season.

Note: I am knocking on wood in order to not jinx us.


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So if Ridley is gone for the year do they put in a call to the law firm?

I'm pretty sure he is not on any roster right now


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Good one. Watch the play again. McKelvin didn't want to make that tackle. It's no slight on Lafell, just an observation on a pathetic tackling effort by McKelvin. BB would bench a guy for similar effort.
Keep watching. None of these little cornerbacks want to tackle Lafell.

And what are you doing here anyway? This team has no talent, Belichick has destroyed it through poor drafting. Brady's washed up. Stop me if I mention a meme you haven't driven into the ground.

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Funny thing. I checked here during the first half, lots of posters saying the defense will need to carry this game.


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Good game on both sides of the ball. cant believe how happy a brady smile makes me feel.

P.S - did we saw gronk having a snack in the middle of the game? first time ever. i mean, gatorade ok, even a banana (tennis) but a snack?


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Well I hope Hightower will be back next week. Sure as hell can't afford to have him and Collins out now.

Overall a good game though. The O came to life and it might need to be good for the rest of the year cause the D took a step back today.
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