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Alamo's Predict The Score 2023 Alamo's Predict The Score Contest: Week 15 - NE vs KC

Cheeves 21
Patriots 16
Update with Pacheco out, Douglas in
If so, bye bye high draft pick…
KC 23
NE 16
Both teams coming off unexpected outcomes.
Chiefs will be playing angry with their postseason seeding on the line and they are a more well balanced team.
The Pats had the advantage of a meltdown by the Steelers but our D is stifling. The stadium will be rocking, to the extent that the Blade ever rocks.
Chiefs win but can't beat the spread. I'm taking the Over in a game played on a relatively balmy mid-December day in Foxboro.
BB lives in Mahomes' head.
Just can't see Zappe topping Mahomes.

We do have homefield advantage but we don't have the horses to outscore them.

Chiefs 24 Pats 17.
Pats 24-14 As always, want to see lots of running. No need for a lot of pass attempts from the Brady kid, I mean the Zappe kid
Patriots 35
Chiefs 27

Pop is back, this week BOB keeps his foot on the gas, while BB’s D keeps the Chiefs under control.
Patriots 17
Chiefs 26
as much as I want a high draft pick it would be funny if the chiefs lost their 3rd in a row to the 3-10 patriots.

Mahomes might melt down on the field.
Patriots 18
Chiefs 17
Kc 28
Ne 14
KC 20
NE 13
Chefs 20
Pats 16

I think this game is going to look alot like last weeks where the chefs come out flat and look awful for the first half like 13-0 at the half. Difference is the chefs will have enough to actual come back with at least one truely awful call from the refs going thier way.
KC 22
Patriots 9

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