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Alamo's Predict The Score 2023 Alamo's Predict The Score Contest: Week 15 - NE vs KC

Pats 24
KC 20
KC - 32
NE - 22
KC 24
Pats 14
Pats 22
Chiefs 21
KC Chefs 20
NE Patsies 23

The Patriots simply play the Chiefs TOUGH all the time regardless of how good or bad the team is.
Chiefs 24
NE 17

Mahomes Freakouts: 2
NE 10
KC 6
Taylor Swift $1,000,000,000
Patriots 20
Chiefs 16

Is there an over/under for how many offsides are called?
Chiefs 23

Patriots 26

Thanks, Ian!
Chiefs 21
Pats 14
New England Patriots 27
Kansas City Tourches 24

JJSS plays like he gives a **** and Ryland apologizes in his presser for his role in ruining the draft position.
KC 29
NEP 23

Closer than expected, but the game will never be in doubt.
Queefs 24
Pats 14

Although I have a sneaky feeling we steal this game
pats 27

chiefs 23
Defense keeps it close, but I think the whine bags come in with their hair on fire.

Swifties 24
Bill's Lame Ducks 17

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