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48. Tavon Wilson



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He wasn't even one of the better safetys in he BIG10 last year. What a fail pick. Maybe BB starter drinking early and thought it was the 7th round instead of 2nd.


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Everyone thought we drafted Ridley 3 rounds too early as well, we'll just have to wait and see with this one.

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Trayvon Wilson has a draft grade of wait for it......... 48.2! NFL is basically saying don't take this guy.

It's all good though this is the kind of player BB wants


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Glass is half full of rose-colored water.

The Pats secondary was so bad, some guy no one has heard of is now the second-best player in the defensive backfield.

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all i can say is remember the last time the Pats did a WTF pick in the second round was Vollmer and he was great rookie year and when he was on the field last year he was great

Mack Herron

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Wilson has an excellent athletic ability and can fly around the field. He also has an ideal build for a safety at 6’0”, 205 pounds and can attack a player and create fumbles with his hits. He’s a smart leader as well and is known as a hard-working player.

His best part of his game is his special teams' abilities. He is an instant gunner for whoever drafts him and can still contribute as a depth safety. Also, he has an excellent blitz ability.


He isn’t the most fluid athlete and has issues with coverage. He doesn’t have the best hips and isn’t the most instinctive player, either. He also has issues wrapping up his tackles and doesn’t always take the best angles.


He’s a true project at safety. He is not likely to contribute past special teams early on and is a likely role player.

2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: S Tavon Wilson | Bleacher Report


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BB has decided to pack it in for this draft. He's making a mockery of it.

And this isn't like the Vollmer pick who would have been taken early in the third round.


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someone in the scouting department had a hardon for this guy. No market for a trade down probably.


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I've checked half a dozen separate scouting reports on this guy. All have him ranked as an undrafted priority free agent. Could this be a special teams only pick ? Seems way too early for that but who knows.

Gregory must be the happiest man in America today. He may need to start after all.
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