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OK, so does mean they're done with drafting for the year and plan to trade the remaining pick into 2013?


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Can someone who knows college football players tell me how many *better safeties were passed up to get this guy?


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Tomorrow there will be claims that 5 other teams were just about to pick him.

It's always the same story.

First everybody hates the pick.

Then there are reports that this was hardly a reach.

Then begin the idiotic comments "the more I see about this kid the more I like him".

He has a average pre season where half of this board thinks he was an animal out there.

And finally begins the weekly fight to be in the active roster, which he will constantly lose.


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Tavon Wilson scouting report

However, looks heavy-footed when trying to re-direct and isn't real sudden/explosive in space...gets upright when asked to turn and run, is stiff in the hips and lacks the range to get off the top as a centerfielder. Struggles in tight areas as well, doesn't feel routes develop around him quickly and lacks the fluidity to open up his hips laterally and close. Gets very grabby and is uncomfortable in space and doesn't possess the short area quickness/range to hold up in man. Possesses questionable instincts as well, rarely getting early jumps on the football and struggles to recognize his run/pass keys at times....Sees his fair share of angles outpaced toward daylight and isn't the most effective when asked to breakdown one-on-one.

Tavon Wilson


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Am I alone in thinking we should just trade down from here on out?


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Wilson has an excellent athletic ability and can fly around the field. He also has an ideal build for a safety at 6’0”, 205 pounds and can attack a player and create fumbles with his hits. He’s a smart leader as well and is known as a hard-working player.

His best part of his game is his special teams' abilities. He is an instant gunner for whoever drafts him and can still contribute as a depth safety. Also, he has an excellent blitz ability.


He isn’t the most fluid athlete and has issues with coverage. He doesn’t have the best hips and isn’t the most instinctive player, either. He also has issues wrapping up his tackles and doesn’t always take the best angles.


He’s a true project at safety. He is not likely to contribute past special teams early on and is a likely role player.

2012 Possible Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick Profile: S Tavon Wilson | Bleacher Report
Time to bring Rodney back in a consulting role and attach Wilson to his hip.


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I think the issue is that most teams feel this is a pretty weak draft, we probably moved up easily in the first round do to apathy with players. I suspect BB only wants few players now and wanted to trade down but no one is interested so he is just going to pick the players he wants and pack up.
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