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Semi-OT: What is the most unwatchable type of football game?

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Sep 12th

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ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
Set aside the question of which teams are playing.

What sort of game makes you think "Yuck, this isn't worth watching?"


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The bend don't break, zone defense type of football we had here for years before the second run of titles.

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Unbalanced games. Too much offensive output and no defense to me is the worst (Rams vs. Chiefs 50 burgers), but all defense and no scoring is pretty boring, too. The recent Pats Rams SB was kind of that to me. For some reason I love the older SBs where score was somewhat low, though. So go figure.

To put it the opposite way, a game where teams are hovering around like 21 to 31 and close until the end are the best. Games that are all but decided by the half are also kinda boring.

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Very bad defense or very bad offense or very bad officiating basically. Any of the above is just bad football. A 42-42 game might sound fun but it most likely means both teams suck at defense


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MNF has officially become unwatchable. The "A" team felt bored.

Al Michaels is the only iconic voice left in football. :(
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