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Dec 6th

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mgteich Veteran Supporter
He already has a 13.5m dollar cap hit for next year, which is 3rd highest on the team. It may be hard to justify keeping him as it is.

Cap hits are NOT relevant. New money is the relevant factor for decison-making.

Let us say a player had a contact where the last year of contract had a salary of $1M (say an extension of a Brady or Gronk). And let us say that every other year, we had taken his salary and converted to bonus, which kept on adding to the original bonus. So the cap hit for the last year was $25M.

Would I consider cutting the player because his cap hit was $25M? Of course not! The team would gain almost no cap room by cutting this player.

What matters is how much money can be saved if a player is cut, and whether the player is worth the new money.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
from Miguel

If before the trade deadline the Patriots do not create a great deal of cap space, I would then expect a smaller conversion of Gilmore’s salary sometime in November or December.

What else do I expect to happen?

1.) A Stephen Gostkowski extension
2.) A Malcom Brown cut or trade
3.) Fewer transactions done after 4 p.m. on Tuesday so as to avoid paying 54 or more players on the active roster for the week.
4.) The salaries of the practice squad players to remain at the current levels.

Answering some logical follow-up questions:

Question: Can the Patriots convert guaranteed salary like Gilmore’s into a signing bonus?
Answer: Yes.


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Adding Jimmy to the list is a bit misleading, IMO. Had we kept Jimmy...we wouldn't have Brady's salary on the list...a 15M difference.

Just nit picking here for fun :).

The 15MM would've been a cold comfort to be sure, since if Jimmy is on the roster and Brady is off, we would've seen Brian Hoyer playing against those Chiefs.

(Off point, I know)

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