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Rob Gronkowski injury

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Sep 12th

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Please post any news about #87 in this thread. Yes it looked bad but I will do everything in my power to stay optimistic about his latest injury. I saw something in the game thread with a picture of him walking. In it a reach to think this could be a 8-12 week injury?

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Not saying i'm an expert, but i had the exact kind of hit on my knee and it could be a heavy bruise. It hurt for months but it wasn't to the point of where i couldn't play or kick a ball and i could still shoot as before. At first it was swelling which made it hard to walk for the first week then once that went, jogging was fine. I was at about 90% health easily after about 4-5 weeks.


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Jeff Howe @jeffphowe
Gronk just bent both legs to pick something up. Moving OK...


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Let's hope he is okay. Let's Sign 11 guys and have them play both O and D against week without an injury is all I want!


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Had a game stolen from us and many players. Sucks but I've given up on the year. Just too many injuries.
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