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SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal

SOURCE:Providence Journal


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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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RT @BuckSterling85: @jerrythornton1 Aaron Rodgers needs to go to the Super Bowl every year until he's 40 to break Brady's appearance record.

Brady: “Yeah, it was a good day. We’re going to the Super Bowl, man. Shit. Got to be happy now.”

Get used to a lot of these articles Facing the hated Patriots, the Falcons are now America’s Team

Martellus, hear the "Where's Roger" chant? "Who's Roger?" Goodell. "Where is he? He's like Waldo right now...He didn't wanna come here."

Thanks so much. Hard to go to sleep with this huge smile on my face.

Edelman asked about Tom Brady reaching his 7th Super Bowl. Says that says it all. "Just say it out loud." @CSNNE

Bennett compared Brady to a PG for making the team better "like John Stockton. Ill just say the white guys right now because Tom is white"

Martellus Bennet was asked about Roger:"Oh yeah. Where is he? He's like Waldo right now. He ain't wanna come here. Don't know where he's at"

"This is what you fight for, what you train for...what you get yelled at for..." Julian Edelman on reaching another Super Bowl @CSNNE

LeGarrette Blount (@LG_Blount) with son LB, as this was a rare post-game locker room where kids joined their dads.

RT @AaronWilson_NFL: Lot of local connections for Patriots in Super Bowl: Danny Amendola (The Woodlands), Eric Rowe (Klein), Martellus Benn…

LeGarrette Blount sporting some new gear.

RT @RobertMathis98: Congrats to @III_Flowers from a lil snot nose thundacat in #Huntsvegas to stud DL for AFC champs.

Marty Bennett to call his brother: "I’m about to Facetime him saying, ‘Now, I’m going to the Super Bowl mother------, meet me in Houston.’"

@CharlieWSM @Patriots That means a lot Charlie. Thank you! And I agree, Gil is still the best :)

RT @RyanHannable: Martellus Bennett's message to his brother: "Now, I am going to the Super Bowl mother [expletive]."

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