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Post Game Thread Week 7 Pats @ Steelers

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Nice defense at the end of the game there. With Butler, Rowe, and Coleman as their top 3 CBs now they have a lot of athleticism at that spot. Pass rush is still a huge problem though. I can't imagine Belichick won't try to address is at the deadline.

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Given the two turnovers we gifted the Steelers it was a nice solid win that was never really in danger. Even if the chicken littles were in full force for some time today..


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I expect a post from the resident Rhodes Scholar, "PatriotsPimp," about how the Patriots defense sucks and how they have no pass rush, even though they were only rushing 3 all game.

Well someone already posted a gif of Chung's near INT to apparently show the issues except the fact that Malcom Brown beat his double team on it and got pressure and hurried Jones into a throw which was almost picked.


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